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Yoga Nidra – Nourish and Blossom the Divinity within You.

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”
Jason Crande

Lately, if everything looks so alien and hostile to you, or your consciousness is on the verge to shatter, then Yoga Nidra is your Ultimate Remedy. Since ancient times, Masters and Healers showed much interest in this exceptional healing practice. Here, I am revealing to you a Science of well-being and youthfulness that will integrate your Mind, Body, and Soul. 

nidra yoga images

What is Yoga Nidra?

The emergence of Yoga Nidra dates back as far as 700 BC. Although gradually over time, this meditation practice evolved, the key idea remains the same; the three-dimensional healing of mind, body, and soul. 

To induce this remedy wonder, the practitioner lay straight on his back and focus on his deepest true desires or intentions while paying attention to breathing-pattern. Meanwhile, during the whole space-time, the seeker remains conscious and acknowledges his body as the single most powerful entity.

Countless scientific papers assert the authenticity of this particular Meditation Practice. Here are the top 7 benefits of practicing Yoga Nidra.

Top 7 benefits of practicing Yoga Nidra
Uninterrupted Deep Peace and Bliss

Every mental and emotional conflict, ending up disturbing our peace pattern. As a result, we always crave materialistic things to fulfill our happiness. By practicing Yoga Nidra, you soon find yourself being withdrawn from these illusions. As an outcome, you find peace and bliss which is beyond from physical world.

More Clear Path

Are you suffering from obscure feelings? When someone at a party asks you to tell your dreams and inspirations, you find it hard to vocalize one?

If so then there must be opaqueness at your deeper level. Scarcely anyone achieve anything in life when he is not clear about his own intentions in the first place.

Having the power to clear up your subconsciousness, this amazing Meditation practice ensures the optimal functioning of your endocrine system. You will witness a sudden change in the way you look at your thoughts. Instead of judging your thoughts, you will observe your beliefs, and concepts, this leads to a clear path of feelings and desires.

Not Bound to Any Age

One of the most amazing benefits of practicing Yoga Nidra is that it’s not limited to a certain age. Whoever is a seeker of peace, freedom, and liberation can practice this yoga- Thanks to its super calming posture, anyone can do Yoga Nidra. 

Creativity and Ideas

Usually, due to stress, or psychological situations, people find it hard to be creative towards certain things. Whether you are an artist, student, or office personnel, you should possess some innovative and inventive qualities.

Yogic sleep practice boosts your creativity with pure magic. It treats the foundation of exploration, making you adapt to new ideas and adventures. Not only that it enhances your thinking capability but also improves memory.

Feeling Grounded

As the practice follows laying down on your back, you will be more connected to the element Earth. Consequently, you will learn the art of letting go of momentary tough moments. Moreover, people’s perspectives and judgments about you won’t affect you at the least.

Spiritual Wholeness

The mind loves to create scenarios about the future, while your pain-body (emotional state) deliberately seeks the horrible past. As a result, you end up feeling a void within you.

Yoga Nidra is thus ideal to let you feel the sacred oneness and completeness you often long for. It makes you the master of embracing both your dark and bright parts, leaving no room for self-rejection. 

Relieve Stress

We all are guilty of living long periods in emotional and physical tension. It usually comes from any particular event or thought that makes you feel frustrated or nervous.

Unlike other several yoga techniques, Yoga Nidra doesn’t demand the effort of sitting in a stand-still position. Rather due to its super relaxing posture, Yoga Nidra promotes deep relaxation and cure chronic stress. A must-have for those suffering from insomnia.

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What does Science say about Yoga Nidra?

A recent study conducted by a group of researchers, follows 60 college professors of different age periods. The group is further subdivided into 3 different groups. Each group has been allocated to one of the three experimental groups: Yoga Nidra, seated meditation, and control group. Although all groups showed an improvement regarding stress and anxiety issues. However, the results says that professors in Yoga Nidra group showed more improvements than others.

nidra yoga images
Cultivate inner peace, and harmonize the body

To cultivate inner peace, and harmonize the body with the mind, we must spare some time for ourselves and seek the divine powers that are concealed within. Yoga Nidra is a spiritual practice that shines the light of awareness into the darkest corners of your body.


We understand that it is difficult to start your spiritual journey all by yourself alone. We provide you the best way of healing the mind, body, and soul, through our exceptionally talented spiritual Teachers. Book your appointment now with Ksenia or Elena or Fer.

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