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Ibiza, Spain

Breath Coach · Yin Yoga · Nidra
Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga
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    1-On-1 Yoga Science Sadhana: Breathwork · Yin Yoga · Nidra 120.00

    75 Min Private Class · Ibiza or Online

    I have been working in the Health and Personal Development industry for 18 years.

    It has become increasingly clear to me that the right way to approach life is the path of the heart. 

    We need to evolve and expand our field of consciousness to get through these challenging times.

    To change our reality we need to step out of fear; with courage, love and compassion. 

    Starting with ourselves and then being able to radiate that light to our environment.

    Through a personalized practice based on the science of yoga you will achieve:

    * Moderate the prominence of your neocortex (overthinking mind).

    * Paying attention to your body – Reconnecting

    * Listen to your heart

    * Remember who you really are

    * Change the chemistry of your nervous system

    * Reduce anxiety and stress

    * Improve your rest

    * Reprogram your limiting beliefs

    * Heal your somatic marks

    * To live your life in your highest and fullest potential


    * Breathwork 

    * Yin Yoga

    * Yoga Nidra

    * Meditation

Fitness and health pro with more than 18 years of experience.

Trained in Spain and USA as a Pilates instructor and Fitness Personal Trainer.

Trained as a Breath Coach  and Hatha Vinyasa & Yin Yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance).

Author of two books and co-founder of the online course platform Reshape Academy.

I am working in different countries and professional environments, collaborating with companies, media and NGOs.

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