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“Reiki literally wakes up our divine essence so we can see our spirit behind the veils”- Colleen Benelli

Looking in Looking out

2020 has already been a choppy year overall, people are stressed and mentally astounded because of how it affected everyone and everything literally. Besides that, we normally go through a lot of things daily that make us coarse at the end of the day, everyone experiences bad times, problems and, injuries at his own level but it’s crucial to heal and to get rid of stress or anxiety before they become your identity.

If you are in a kindred condition Reiki would be the perfect choice for you to do. It validates that you get out of stress and, focus on yourself. Not just that it helps a person in the process of healing.

Professionally stating, Reiki is the pseudoscience of spiritual healing in which practitioners use palm healing techniques in which energy is transferred from the palm of the practitioner to the person who wants to heal in order to encourage both his spiritual and physical healing.

Jump to History

This healing technique in the past has a link with Mikao Usui who passed his method by various masters of Reiki and so the system goes on. But it was practically introduced to the public by monk in 1920 in Japan. Later this technique was taken to the US and then Europe. Reiki word originally is from the Japanese language where Rie expresses universal consciousness and ki the energy commonly called universal healing energy as a whole


How does it work?

Practically you need to work with the Reiki professional in order to do it in a perfect way or if you want to practice it on your own you need to be a level 1 practitioner at least.

Reiki Therapy works starting from basic communication in which the patient tells healers about his past traumas and the major problems that he wants to get rid of.

Following are the steps to do the basic exercise of it by yourself because might help a lot with your anxiety

  • Put your one hand on your solar plexus that is at your navel
  • Put your other hand on your heart by keeping palms down
  • Now focus on yourself by keeping your eyes close and imagine the energy of the universe is healing

How magical is Reiki?

Reiki is not just the development of breathing it’s the development of compassion actually. Its system is based on an understanding of the deep structure of the universe and it helps us manage our qi energy for, all the processes taking in and around us are related somehow to energy inside us. It eventually gives us the ability to solve our own problems and the potential of being the light that enlightens not only itself but also the people around us. It opens door to the space of limitless possibilities.

                                                           Reiki is love
                                                        Love is wholeness
                                                       Wholeness is balance  
                                                       Balance is well being
                                                 Wellbeing is freedom from disease

                                                              -Mikao Usui

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How world looks at Reiki?

Reiki has been the spiritual healing technique for a very long. The survey was conducted in the US in 2007 where it was concluded that around 1.2 million adults tried Reiki and more therapies like that at least once in 2006 and around 60 hospitals give Reiki service to patients. According to a survey later in AHA, it was concluded that 84% of hospital patients want a primary rationale offering services like Reiki and other techniques. The reason that 67% of them told on asking was clinical effectiveness of it. This technique is gaining popularity with the passage of time and the world is recognizing the power of healing that a person holds within him.


It’s well said by Hawayo Takata that your Reiki power is an aura, “It’s a glow, and you are radiating out, no darkness can penetrate you.” So never let the darkness in you dominate or fade the light in you because you can brighten your life with the light you have in you.

Need Professional Help?

Ayanation is pleased to tell you that we are offering in-person Reiki practitioners to book. We really appreciate your willingness to embrace inner change, and thus suggest you to seek healing through these exceptionally talented practitioners.

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