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    Alchemy of Soundhealing – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Duration ca 60-75 min

    Join Maria del Mar, a highly experienced soundhealer, for an immersive and transformative soundhealing session.

    Whether you prefer a group session or a personalized 1-on-1 experience, Maria del Mar will guide you through a journey of alchemical sound healing. Using her expertise in quartz crystals, alchemic bowls, and gongs, she will create high vibration sounds that penetrate deep into your soul, releasing energetic blockages and promoting harmony within your being.

    During the session, you will feel the power of the vibrations as they reverberate through your body, clearing stagnant energy and promoting a sense of profound relaxation. As you surrender to the healing sounds, you will unlock your true potential, allowing your talents to shine brightly.

    With 15 years of professional experience in personal training and 20 years as a therapist in sought-after destinations such as Ibiza, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, and Mexico, Maria del Mar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every session. Her holistic approach and extensive training in quantum feedback therapy enhance the transformative effects of the soundhealing experience.

    Discover the healing power of sound with Maria del Mar. Whether you want to come her to your place and provide a session for your group or delve deep into your personal journey with a 1-on-1 session, she is ready to guide you towards a state of balance, harmony, and inner peace. Unleash your true potential and experience the alchemy of soundhealing today.

    90 min – 360 € 

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    Alchemy Sound Journey – 1,5 h for 1:1 or Group
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Alchemy Sound Journey with Gong and Crystal Bowls, Quartz Mandalas & Sound Therapy 

    Welcome to a mind-blowing sound journey experience, brought to you by ayanation, where you’ll enter into a world of sound unlike any other. Allow yourself to indulge in the serene sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, and other calming vibrations, as you journey towards a calmer more peaceful state. Our sound journey experience is designed to help you unload your daily stresses, allowing relaxation to set in, while allowing your body to heal deeply from the inside out. Our team of skilled practitioners are dedicated to providing you with a transformative experience that will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated. Through the use of sound therapy, particularly with the gongs and crystal bowls, we can stimulate a host of benefits, both physically and mentally. This unique therapy approach can improve concentration, increase emotional balance, cultivate creativity, enhance intuition and self-expression, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety and stress. You’ll leave feeling calmer, centered, and balanced, possessing a sense of well-being that will stay with you, long after the journey is complete. Our sound journey experience is a true indulgence for your mind, body, and soul. Come and explore new levels of relaxation and harmony as you journey through an exquisite sound bath experience like never before. Book your journey with us today, and let our skilled practitioners guide you to a deeply restorative experience of peace and calm.

    The price could vary depending on the location and the number of participants.

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    Bespoke Ceremony
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Book your free discovery call today to book in the ceremony to mark the moment your heart desires. 

    For birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and more.

    Price and times will vary and will be clarified in the call.

    What people say
     “Your ability to effortlessly ‘bring everyone in’ created an atmosphere of  sheer peace and harmony.  So, what I experienced was a wonderful coming together of all that’s real and vital.  Generosity of spirit, openness, vulnerability, real emotional connection.  When you consider that for many this was a ‘first acquaintance’- I think that’s pretty darned special!” Pamela 

    Expert:  RUTH
    0 out of 5
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    Book your conscious DJ
    Rated 0 out of 5
    Looking for a DJ that can transform your event or private party into a conscious and magical experience? Look no further than the talented and conscious DJs brought to you by Ayanation!
    Our conscious DJs bring a magical vibe to your event, using their skill and intuition to elevate the atmosphere with a unique blend of music styles like shamanic, afro, ethnic and various others. They are equipped to create a mind-opening experience for your guests, resulting in total involvement and fullness in the experience.
    Each of our talented DJs is a master at creating transformative, soulful sounds that blend seamlessly together, transporting you to other-worldly landscapes. They are professional and dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience at your event, wedding, or private party.
    Our DJ packages start from as little as 150 euro, making it affordable and accessible for all events, restaurants, or hotels. We cater to your needs, preference, and budget to ensure an experience that is bespoke to your guest’s and requirements.
    So why wait?
    Book the conscious and magical DJs for your next event with ayanation and turn your event into an unforgettable experience imbued with positive energy and the warmth and comfort of soulful, mesmerizing sounds.
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    Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Revered and used for millennia for its healing properties, ceremonial cacao is raw chocolate and so much more.

    A cacao ceremony creates space for transformation and opens us up to love. We come together to share what’s in our hearts and listen to those of others’.

    Each session is tailored to the group and occasion. Meditation, sound therapy and dance are either a dedicated part of the offering or intuitively weaved into the ceremony.

    There’s a whole lot of goodness in cacao – worthy of a research paper, of which there are many. Here’s a snapshot:

    • Serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anadamide help reduce stress, anxiety and the perception of pain, regulate mood and appetite, keep you alert and focused, and produce feelings of excitement, euphoria, bliss and joy 
    • The antioxidants in cacao counteract the damaging effects of oxidation in the cells, helping to prevent the development of chronic disease, as well as reducing blood pressure and the build up of fatty deposits on the artery wall
    • The Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors serve as effective anti-depressants. Cacao detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and it’s an aphrodisiac
    • And, after all that buzz, it’ll even help you sleep better
      • Sound Journey

      A meditative sonic meditation with Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and percussion

      • Gong Journey

      A relaxing and immersive meditation working with the therapeutic vibrations of gongs and percussion

      • Shamanic Drum Journeys

      I play the drum and help you to go within to find the answers to your questions

      We provide the ceremonies at the comfort of your house or at the secret locations in Ibiza. Please reach out to discuss the date and your preferences. 

      The price can vary depending on your location and the number of people.

    Expert:  ISZABEL
    0 out of 5
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    Cacao Ceremony For Your Private Group – 2hrs
    Rated 0 out of 5

    I have been working with ancestral medicines for the past 11 years and creating healing circles with her singing, connecting to healing through Medicinal Music and four elements fire, water, earth and air. Currently, holding small gathering concerts and singing circles, with intention to connect to the sounds of our ancestors and spirit within.
    ‘You are the greatest project you will ever get to work on. Take your time for you and create magic.

    300 € for a small groups up to 6 people 
    and more 50 €  each
    25 pax – 40 € per person 

    Up 65 pax  – 30 € per person. 

    Expert:  KATARINA
    5 out of 5
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    Cacao Ceremony In Mayan Tradition – Ibiza – For 1:1/ Groups
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Price for groups of 4 pax
    Over 4 pax each person 20 €
    Over 25 pax –  each 15 €

    Experience a deeply transformative journey guided by the skilled and knowledgeable hands of Anna Maria, a trained practitioner in the art of Mayan cacao ceremonies. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this sacred tradition, as we take you on a captivating exploration of the benefits, rituals, and history of cacao, combined with meditation and shamanic blessings. The Maya civilization revered cacao as a gift from the gods, and its ceremonial use has been passed down through generations.

    During this enchanting ceremony, Anna Maria will share her extensive knowledge of this ancient practice, guiding you through a profound and uplifting journey that will leave you feeling nourished, empowered, and connected to your truest self.

    Our experienced guide, Anna Maria, will connect us with the elements through a series of rituals, allowing you to immerse yourself in the energies of fire, earth, air, and water. Following this, a guided meditation will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and inner exploration.

    You will have the opportunity to connect with the spirit of the cacao and receive its wisdom. A heartfelt prayer, led by Anna Maria, will further enhance the sacredness of the experience. 

    Throughout the entire ceremony, Anna Maria’s professional expertise will ensure a safe and supportive environment for all participants.

    The benefits of participating in a Mayan cacao ceremony are numerous. The ceremonial cacao aids in opening the heart, enhancing emotional healing, and deepening the connection to yourself and others. It can also help to release stagnant emotions, increase clarity, and boost creativity.

    The duration of the ceremony is approximately 1-1.5 hours, providing ample time to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a soul-enriching journey through the Mayan traditions.

    Book your spot in our cacao ceremony guided by Anna Maria and embrace the transformative power of this ancient practice.

    Expert:  ANNA MARIA
    0 out of 5
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    Cacao Ceremony With Singing Bowls – For Groups 25 pax and more
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Join us for a captivating cacao ceremony led by the skilled facilitator, Niels, and guided by the soothing vibrations of singing bowls. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of cacao as we embark on a transformative journey together.

    During the ceremony, Niels will share the fascinating story of cacao, tracing its ancient origins and significance in various cultures. Discover the rich history and profound symbolism of this sacred plant. We will begin by honoring the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—in a powerful opening ritual. Connect with the natural forces that surround us and tap into their energies for a deeper connection with yourself and the ceremony.

    With the power of intention, you will have the opportunity to set your own personal goals and desires for the ceremony. Learn how intention can shape your experience and bring about positive shifts in your life. As we open up the space, a sense of calm and tranquility will envelop you. Allow yourself to fully surrender to the sacredness of the moment and embrace the transformative energy that surrounds you.

    Experience a blissful sound healing session as the gentle vibrations of singing bowls wash over you. These mesmerizing sounds will help create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, promoting relaxation and deep healing. To conclude the ceremony, we will come together for a heartfelt closing. Reflect on the insights gained, the emotions released, and the newfound clarity that the ceremony has brought.

    Leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a renewed sense of purpose. Participating in a cacao ceremony offers many benefits. The ceremonial cacao is known for its heart-opening properties, facilitating emotional healing and deep connection. The sound healing session with the singing bowls can help release tension, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. The power of intention, combined with the sacred space, creates the perfect environment for personal growth and transformation.

    Join Niels and the assistant of the ceremony for a 1-1.5 hour cacao journey that will leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and deeply connected. Discover the magic of cacao and unlock the potential within you in this unforgettable experience. Secure your place in our upcoming cacao ceremony now.

    25 pax – 550 €
    65 pax – 725 €

    Expert:  NIELS
    0 out of 5
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    Ecstatic Dance – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Iszabel is an Ecstatic Dance DJ who plays internationally. She is available for bespoke sessions for you and your party.

    Ecstatic Dance is a practice like yoga. Some people describe it as a sober rave. It will leave you feeling joyous, connected, and more awake and aware. It works on your health and wellbeing whilst also being a whole lot of fun!

    Iszabel DJs for 2 hours to get you out of the monkey mind and into the innate intelligence of your dancing body. As a former Producer at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, Iszabel knows good music and combines shamanic beats rooted in the Elements with underground club vibes.

    Meditate, get fit, unravel the mystery of life, feel free and powerful – all by dancing to amazing music! 

    Expert:  ISZABEL
    0 out of 5
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    Gong for 1:1 /your private event 250.00
    Introducing the Gong Session: Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
    Experience a transcendent journey of sound and healing with our transformative Gong Session. Step into a world of deep relaxation and rejuvenation as the harmonious vibrations of the gong wash over you, creating a profound sense of balance and harmony. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to restore vitality, release stress, and activate inner healing abilities.
    Benefits of the Gong Session:
    1. Stress Relief: Escape the demands of everyday life and surrender to the soothing sounds of the gong. Allow the gentle vibrations to melt away tension, promoting deep relaxation and stress reduction.
    2. Mental Clarity: In a world filled with constant distractions, the gong session provides an opportunity to achieve mental clarity. As the sound waves resonate with your body and mind, you’ll experience a renewed sense of focus and mental sharpness.
    3. Emotional Healing: The vibrations of the gong penetrate deep into your being, helping to release emotional blockages and promote emotional well-being. Feel lighter, grounded, and more connected to your inner self.
    4. Increased Energy Flow: The gong’s sound waves have the power to revitalize your energy centers, helping to unblock stagnant energy and promote a balanced flow throughout your body. Experience a surge of vitality and a renewed zest for life.
    5. Enhances Meditation and Mindfulness: The Gong Session serves as an excellent complement to your meditation or mindfulness practice. The rhythmic vibrations provide a focal point, allowing you to enter a deeper state of presence and awareness.
    6. Physical Healing: The resonating vibrations of the gong can have a positive effect on your physical well-being. It can aid in pain relief, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, and promote overall healing and regeneration.
    7. Self-Discovery and Inner Exploration: The Gong Session offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection and inner exploration. Journey deep within as you connect with your higher self, gain insights, and foster personal growth and transformation.
    Our experienced and skilled facilitators create a safe and nurturing environment for your Gong Session. Allow us to guide you on a journey of profound relaxation, healing, and self-discovery. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, emotional balance, or simply a moment of tranquility, our Gong Session is designed to uplift your mind, body, and spirit.
    Book your Gong Session today and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Experience the power of sound and vibration to awaken your true potential and create a harmonious life.

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    Heart Awakening – A Sacred Cacao Ceremony In Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Welcome to an extraordinary cacao ceremony led by the enchanting Aurora. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, heart opening, and deep transformation. Allow yourself to be immersed in the magic of cacao as you experience a tailored ceremony catered to the needs and requirements of your group.

    In the opening circle, Aurora will guide you through an explanation of the intentions for the ceremony. This sacred gathering will create a safe and supportive space for you to explore and manifest your desires.

    Discover the true essence of cacao as you witness its transformation from raw beans to the elixir of love. Learn about the history and significance of cacao in ancient traditions and how it can facilitate a profound connection to yourself and others. Experience a guided meditation that will gently guide you to the depths of your heart and unravel the layers that may have been holding you back. Open yourself up to the healing energy of cacao and allow it to awaken your inner wisdom. Harness the power of breath with pranayama techniques to enhance your cacao journey. Breathe in the transformative energy of the ceremony and release any blockages or limitations that may be hindering your growth.

    Engage in a powerful ritual that will deepen your connection with the cacao medicine. Unleash your authentic self as you align your intentions with the divine energy of the plant, embracing its healing potential. Experience the power of sound and collective expression as you participate in a singing circle. Allow the vibrations of the sacred songs to activate the medicine within you, creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere. Harness the profound energy of dance to awaken your chakras and unleash your inner vitality.

    Explore the joy of movement and allow yourself to express your true essence through orgasmic dance. The specific theme of the dance will be tailored to the needs and desires of your group, creating a unique and transformative experience.

    Aurora has the ability to tailor each session to the specific needs and requirements of the group, ensuring that the session flows harmoniously and effectively. Participating in this bespoke cacao ceremony with Aurora offers numerous benefits.

    You can expect to experience a deep sense of connection, emotional healing, and self-empowerment. The ceremony invites you to discover your true purpose, unleash your creativity, and embody your highest potential. Book your place in this extraordinary cacao ceremony with Aurora and gift yourself a transformative experience like no other. Immerse yourself in the magic of cacao and let the journey unfold as you embark on a tailored adventure of healing, joy, and self-discovery. Secure your spot now and prepare to embrace the transformative power of this unique cacao ceremony.

    300 € for 5 pax 
    350 € for 10 pax 
    550 € up 25 pax 
    750 € up 65 pax  
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    Ibiza: Follow Your Heart – 3 days private retreat
    Rated 0 out of 5



        3 DAYS , 2 NIGHT

    Organic Breakfast,
    3x Morning YOGA,
    Meditation Practice 1h,
    BreathWork 1hr,
    SoundHealing 1h,
    Nature walk 2hr,
    Cacao Ceremony 3h 

    Unique Spiritual Experience designed specifically for you and your needs. Includes morning yoga,meditations and breathing practices. Daily Breakfast – healthy organic food. Ceremonies on your request, one to one healing sessions, arts and creativity workshops and personal coaching. Unwind in 300 years old traditional Ibiza finca, with natural swimming pool, in quiet zone near forest in North of Ibiza.

    Our upcoming retreat dates are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your schedule. We understand the importance of finding convenient dates that work for you. Please let us know how we can accommodate your preferred dates and we will do our best to make it happen. 
    Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Expert:  KATARINA
    5 out of 5
  • -15%Limited
    Estatic Dance DJ & Movement Medicine Iszabel Ibiza
    DJ Mastery
    Learn To DJ – Online Training
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Award-winning DJ academy · Learn To DJ

    special offer expires in one week
    hurry up!

    DJ Mystery To Mastery shows you step by step how to mix music that supercharges your medicine, attracts people to your events and rocks the dance floor!

    Here’s what you’ll get:


    32 video lessons — everything you need to know about DJing


    Masterclasses — specialised advice from Iszabel and guest DJs, Artists and Producers


    Real-time mixes — see what happens, how and when

    #4–  LIVE Q&A’s

    Ask Iszabel anything — DJ and performance related


    Ecstatic Dances, Movement Medicine sessions and practice tasks — help integrate the learning


    Enrich your learning experience — through guided, internal enquiry


    Hone your skills — a must for good DJs


    Peer-to-Peer support — learn and grow together


    Private Facebook group — receive support and encouragement from like-minded people


    PDFs and bonus links —accessible and downloadable

    A heart-based approach to the art of mixing music

    You don’t have the gear or access to equipment

    You don’t have the time

    You don’t want to go on this journey alone

    You are a conscious dance facilitator, bodyworker, yoga teacher, movement therapist, sound healer, breathworker or bedroom DJ

    You are committed to your own expansion and evolution

    You want to offer a creative outlet to balance body, mind and soul

    You want to attract more people to your events

    You will find that learning to DJ is not as scary as it seems.

    And you can fit it in with your life, whilst receiving regular live support.


    • You will feel confident about your creative growth
    • You will be supported by a community of like-minded peers and experts
    • You will feel empowered to offer your new skills
    • You will be free of doubt about your ability to DJ like a pro
    • You will integrate the learning in your body, heart and mind

    And best of all…

    • Your community will benefit from the unique, deepened sessions you provide themHere is the summary of what you’ll get:

    32 online videos Masterclasses

    Expert Advice
    Real-time mixing examples 6 months access to Live Q&A’s
    Embodiment Sessions Ceremonies & Empowerment Exercises
    Time To Practice
    Peer to Peer Learning
    Community Access to the private Facebook group
    PDFs & links Accountability

     PAYMENTS PLANS possible – please contact us for more info

    Expert:  ISZABEL
    0 out of 5
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    Private Singing Circle For Group or 1:1
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Ruth is an advocate and space holder of song as a prayer and therapy.   

    A private Singing Circle to open and connect you or your group from the heart in this nourishing song circle. 

    No singing experience necessary.   

    Usually approx 90 minutes.

    Also good for a special occasions like birthdays, weddings or gatherings. 

    Expert:  RUTH
    0 out of 5
  • RADIANT SOUL – live online course- 10 sessions
    Rated 0 out of 5


      we can establish a day that is the best for you
    • WHERE: Through ZOOM online application in your computer/laptop at the comfort of your house. Live online. It is not a recorded course.
      2 h , 1 session per week. Total duration: 10 weeks 
    • FOR: Men & Women. If you want to improve your self-esteem, increase your personal worth, activate your creative and manifesting skills, liberate yourself from stress, anxiety, fear, depression and low vibrational states, heal emotional blockages, feel more empowered & confident, and know how to liberate yourself through art, dance and meditation.
    • WHAT :This course is taught with the “creative coaching method” which unites meditation with art therapy, systemic physicology, family constellations, regressive therapy, energetic dance, ritual art, the healing power of music and dance, and other therapeutic tools Clara has learned during more than 20 years of experience in the field of personal development using arts as great tools for self development and healing.
    • • You will have the opportunity to ask and resolve your doubts in each of the 10 sessions of the course.
    • • The course is with limited places, a maximum of 5 places, so that it can be as personalized as possible.

    • You will get a dossier of each one of the modules with all the theoretical information, and together with the practical exercises so that you can practice as many times as you need. And you can save and access them forever.

    • You will have access to your personal area to the intranet of the course with your personal password where you will be able to access all the material where the entire course is organized by modules.

    • You will access the music playlist so that after classes, you can practice at home with the music of the course, all the exercises shared in the classes.

    • You will be able to obtain all the meditations of the course so that you can do them whenever you want.

    • In each session there will be several therapeutic art activities that will help your healing and personal transformation.

    • In all the sessions we will end the session with an energetic dance to activate your vital energy centers and increase your well-being, your joy and your vitality, helping to anchor what has been learned in each session.

    SESSION 1: Personal therapy session with Clara

    • In this session you will have a personalized session with me in which, for 45 minutes, we will be able to talk about your current situation, your areas of difficulty and what you would like to improve. In this way, I can advise you in your specific case about how you can make the most of the course and can improve in those specific areas what do you need.

    SESSION 2: Heal your inner child and free yourself from the burdens of the past
    • Learn the importance of releasing your blocks and burdens from the past in order to live a full life in your present.

    • Access the healing meditations of your past and healing of your inner child so that you can recognize those moments of pain, trauma or difficulty and be able to free yourself, learning tools to manage yourself, heal and reconnect with a greater well-being in your day to day.
    • Create your personal power totem out of clay to integrate the healing experience of meditation.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 3: Increase your self-esteem healing with your mother and integrating your feminine energy.
    • Restore your feminine energy, thanks to this you will significantly increase your self-esteem, learning to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, expanding your capacity to give and receive affection and love.
    • Healing meditation with your mother. Healing your bond with mom.
    • Create a drawing of the felt experience in meditation to enhance the anchoring of healing.
    • Create your abstract artistic canvas that symbolizes the experience
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience andreconnection with joy.

    SESSION 4: Increase your self-esteem healing with your father and integrating your masculine energy.
    • Restore your masculine energy. You will learn to say no to toxic situations or situations that do not suit you, to set limits, activate your personal power, activate your power to achieve your goals and develop a greater respect for yourself.
    • Explanation of what the father represents and the importance of healing the bond with your father to improve your self esteem.
    • Healing meditation with your father.
    • Painting exercise of the felt experience in meditation.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 5: Feel whole by yourself
    • Explanation of the orders of love and the systemic keys to feel full for yourself and have relationships with harmony.
    • Meditation to heal the relationship your parents had, which will make you feel complete and It will improve your way of relating, feeling greater inner peace.
    • Creation of a painting that represents the experience
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 6: Transform your limiting beliefs
    • Explanation about limiting beliefs and how to transform them.
    • Belief reprogramming meditation.
    • Create a list of your new affirmations and positive beliefs.
    • You will work your new beliefs through art.
    • Exercises to activate your new beliefs.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience andreconnection with joy.

    SESSION 7: Discover what makes you unique and boost your self worth.
    • Explanation of the importance of acknowledge and value your abilities and talents.
    • Emotional release drawing.
    • Discover the gifts you have inherited from your own family lineage and increase your worth.
    • Discover your multiple intelligences.
    • Create your value symbol. And creative ritual to activate your value with art.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 8: Know how to liberate yourself from low vibrational estates and clean your energetic field
    • Meditation to activate your energy centers & clean your energy
    • Wellness rituals for your daily life
    • Clean your energy and raise your vibration
    • Dance to activate your freedom, vitality  and radiance

    SESSION 9: Activate your creative power to manifest the reality you desire.
    • Emotional release drawing.
    • Learn to visualization of your best potential future.
    • Keys to the conscious creation of your own reality.
    • Creation of an artistic collage or manifestation vision board.
    • Quantum writing to manifest your intentions
    • Keys to listen and trust your inner guide.

    SESSION 10: Discover your purpose.
    • Exercise to discover your purpose to connect with your fullness.
    • Creation and activation of your altar of artistic power with all the exercises of the course and keys for its activation to empower you every day and remember everything learned.
    • Resolution of doubts and final details of the course.
    • Energetic dance of rebirth. We welcome our radiant woman.



    Expert:  CLARA
    0 out of 5
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