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KUNDALINI YOGA-Channel Your Powerful Energy

Feel like you need to change some disturbing elements in your life, or want to adapt healthy habits that will help you in different fields of life and transform your life? Consider kundalini yoga.

 Here is what it is and how it awaken the state of spirituality and consciousness.

Kundalini yoga is practiced that uplifts the growth of the mind and unblocks chakras to regulate the flow of energy. The energy which is stuck in your spine is unleashed by kundalini yoga. 

Chakras are seven energy centers of the body that help us regulate the dynamic energy flow. Any imbalance in chakras interrupts the energy flow, leading to negative thoughts and spiritual detachment from the higher self. 

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What Is Kundalini Yoga ?

Philosophically, kundalini yoga is the combination of physical and spiritual practices that help you awaken your energy and increase consciousness. It basically involves different techniques of the breathing, movement, meditation, and mantra chants. 

Kundalini yoga is a practice that unites an individual’s consciousness with cosmic consciousness by triggering the energy centers with a sequence of different exercises. When a human being becomes able to unleash his energy powers, he merges his consciousness with the consciousness of God, or the universe.


History Of Kundalini Yoga

The history of Kundalini dates back as far as 1960’s. Yogi Bhajan, a Kundalini master, originated the concept of Kundalini style. He described Kundalini Yoga as an integrated practice to grow spiritually. Yogi Bhajan learned this from his teachers, who illustrated this type as a blend of meditation and yoga.

In 1969, Kundalini Yoga was pioneered in the west when Yogi Bhajan traveled there. The American mainstream was accessed by the transcendental practice of Kundalini Yoga. Moreover, in the late 60s, the vortex of drug abuse came to an end in the west by Kundalini Yoga.

For the well-being and vitality of human beings, Kundalini Yoga started to flourish in both western and Indian cultures. Many historical records show that before the development of physical practice, Kundalini was symbolized as a spiritual philosophy and science of energy.

Kundalini Yoga

How Is It Practiced?

The practice of kundalini yoga is accomplished by various exercises, including awakening chakras, a combination of prana with apana that helps the kundalini rise by pranayama and bhandas. Exercise sets (Kriyas) also include asanas, mudras, and mantras.

  • Choose a peaceful place: A distraction-free and silent place is best for practicing Kundalini Yoga.
  • Choose a Loose dress: Many people use comfortable and loose clothes and head covered with a white cotton cloth.
  • Get into Position: Keeping your spine straight, cross your legs, and close your eyes.
  • Chant a Mantra: The best Mantra you can chant is “sat nam.” While you inhale, chant “sat.” when you exhale, chant “nam.” Your energy is directed when you chant a mantra.
  • Focus on your breath: Start inhaling and exhaling and keep focusing on your breath. Keep chanting Mantra and breathing; this will help you keep focus.
  • Finish the Meditation: Keep breathing by deep inhaling and exhaling. Wind up the meditation by lifting your arms; it helps you keep relaxed and grounded.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

  • It helps in toning and strengthening your muscles.
  • When this dormant energy (kundalini energy) flows, your nervous system works more efficiently.
  • It makes you happy by improving your mood.
  • It awakens the energy in your chakras, thus helping raise your kundalini (A psychic energy in the spine which, when awakened, awakens consciousness and spirituality).
  • It boosts your memory and concentration.
  • Kundalini yoga improves your metabolism, making body able to fight disease.
  • It awakens your energy by unlocking the chakras.
  • It improves heart rate and blood pressure.
Kundalini Yoga

A Word From Us

If you living periods in mental conflicts and destructive thoughts, it’s essential to seek the ultimate solution, discover the right opportunities and use them for your betterment. That’s precisely why our community finds out the best practices for you that will empower you and let you live your life with full potential. Kundalini Yoga is one of the most widely accepted practice that has been in the era since long time. For further guidance, we are here to help you. Dive in, and find the right teacher for you.

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