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    Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition & Lifestyle
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    1-hour Nutrition Consultation. 

    Have you heard yet that inflammation leads to the most common causes of death? Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and dementia are all results of chronic inflammation. Inflammation is not only frequent but also challenging to avoid. If you do not take steps to reduce inflammation, it will likely influence your health. The worst part is that you may not even be aware of it. It might be challenging to notice the early indicators of persistent inflammation. Often, we don’t know it until it is too late. If you want to avoid serious and difficult-to-treat diseases, you should learn how to identify inflammation. Taking proactive steps to reduce inflammation can improve your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic disease.

    Expert:  TINA
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    Unlock Your Path to Balanced Hormones
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    The hormone balancing that helps you balance your menstrual cycle, relieve menstrual pain, go through menopause easily and gracefully, and possibly even stop premature perimenopause.


    The consultation is designed for all women of all ages who want to achieve natural hormone balance and address the issues that can cause hormone imbalance, such as diet, lifestyle, and stress.

    Are you tired of battling with hormonal imbalances that disrupt your daily life? Are you seeking a natural and effective solution to regulate your hormones during pre-menopause and menopause? Look no further – our Hormonal Nutrition Consultations are here to empower you on your journey towards balanced hormones and optimal well-being.


    Why Choose The Hormonal Nutrition Consultations?


    1. Expert Guidance: Tina is experienced and knowledgeable nutrition consultant specializes in hormonal health. She is equipped with the latest research and insights on how nutrition can affect hormone levels, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date advice.


    2. Customized Approach: We understand that each woman’s hormonal journey is unique. Our consultations are tailored specifically to your needs, taking into account your medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences. This personalized approach ensures that you receive recommendations that are relevant, practical, and effective for your individual circumstances.


    3. Comprehensive Assessment: The consultation include a thorough assessment of your diet, lifestyle, and hormone-related symptoms. By understanding the full picture of your hormonal health, our consultants can identify any potential imbalances and develop a targeted action plan to restore harmony to your hormones.


    4. Hormone-Optimizing Nutrients: The nutrition consultant possess in-depth knowledge of the nutrients that support hormonal balance. Tina will guide you on incorporating hormone-optimizing foods and supplements into your diet, ensuring that you receive the essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals necessary for hormonal equilibrium.


    5. Lifestyle Modifications: In addition to nutrition guidance, our consultations address lifestyle factors that impact hormone levels. Our consultants will provide advice on stress management techniques, exercise routines, and sleep hygiene practices that can further enhance hormonal balance and overall well-being.


    Take the First Step Towards Balanced Hormones Today!


    Don’t let hormonal imbalances dictate your quality of life. Empower yourself with our Hormonal Nutrition Consultations and embark on a journey towards balanced hormones and improved well-being. Say goodbye to mood swings, hot flashes, and sleep disturbances, and embrace a life filled with vitality and harmony. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation and unlock the power of hormonal nutrition!

    duration: 1 hour consultation and 30 min analysis done by the expert
    follow up session: 45 € for 30 min

    Expert:  TINA
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