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BreathWork: Dimensional Healing for Mind, Body, Soul

Your first step towards Freedom and Transformation

Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate the sublime within you. -Tirumalai

Our Journey of life starts with the first breath. We all know it will be the very last thing we will ever witness. One should be fascinated by the in-between parts. This is what we are destined to live for. Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence? What message is my breath possessing? That’s all fine, but never, even in your wildest dreams, forget the importance of where your breath began and where it will end.

Ever wondered why your breath suddenly becomes shallow when you are having a rough day? On the other hand, when you are generally in a relaxed mood, your breath is more in rhythm and pace. Odds are, you may have noticed how you unconsciously hold your breath when you front on to something surprisingly shocking.

Well, here is the secret, our breath is the mirror of our body. Scarcely anyone can deny that breath is interlinked with one’s emotional state. Of course, It is not erroneous to claim that working on your breath can make you the master of emotions and sentiments.

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BreathWork: The Healing Modality

As the name suggests, Breathwork decodes to “working on your breath”, or being conscious of your breathing pattern. Although some consider this as a type of exercise where a person practice controlled breathing to achieve emotional and mental wellness, the practitioners of breathwork have a strong belief that it’s a spiritual awakening practice that can quench one’s thirst towards enlightenment.

This remedy magic is not bound to any specific technique, rather comes in various promising therapeutic forms. All do wonders on conscious and subconscious levels.

What’s the Secret?

The early evidence of Breathwork is concealed within the mist of antiquity. The idea probably emerged when Masterminds and Spiritual mentors deeply attuned with the nature of human body and noticed how breath possess the message of rebirth, survival, creation, and being.

When you become conscious of your basic survival factor, you recapture the present moment and restore neutrality. This awareness for being with ourselves is the only true liberation; to capture our inner wisdom, our inner sacred nature.

Potential Benefits

  • Confused about yourself or have had destructive thoughts and shifting emotions? Breathing exercises make you conscious about your capabilities, shortcomings, and desires.
  • Despite our career or work history, we all need creativity in life. Breathwork is exceptional in boosting your creativity: making you open to new ideas and adventures. 
  • Breathing control center neurons that promote pleasure and satisfaction in you.
  • Tired of your chattering mind and self’s involuntary debates and criticisms? Breathing calms your mind. Studiesshows that the brain circuit that is responsible for bringing peace, can be controlled directly by doing exercises or meditations that involve focusing of breath. 
  • If you are suffering from either high or low blood pressure, then Breathwork is ideal for your well-being as it regulates blood pressure. 
  • Afraid to visit public places or speak in a room full of strangers? Make it a habit to practice breathwork whenever you’re about to face such situations. Notice a sudden uplift in your self-esteem and confidence. 
  • If you are susceptible to infections or facing sky-high stress issues then you should practice breathing exercises regularly.
  • Breathing is directly linked to our capability of remembering things. A 2016 researchassert that the rhythms of our breathing generates electricity in the brain’s region which is responsible for making memory and promoting focus.  

Breathwork Practices 

There are various breathwork approaches. It is important to understand the working process for each and pick the one that is suitable for you to speed-up the healing. 

  1. Rebirthing Breathwork:In this type of conscious breathing, you practice quick and shallow breaths under the supervision of your instructor. There are no potential gaps between exhalation and inhalation. This type of Breathwork is usually used to treat childhood or past traumas. 
  2. Clarity Breathwork: If the regrets of the past and the worries of the future hunts you, then this therapeutic breathing technique is for you. The founders of this amazing exercise were Ashanna Solaris and Dana DeLong. The main idea is to let the person realize his/her presence in the present space-time by doing circular breathing. 
  1. Holotropic Breathwork: It is crucial not to practice this therapeutic technique all by yourself alone, as there are potential risk factors involved. Holotropic breathwork promotes self-development and self-realization. Moreover, it assists you in your emotional ups and downs.

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Our body is a sacred place. We must heal this home by acknowledging that breath is the connecting link between the Body and Soul. To be conscious of your breath is like harmonizing the inner world of the mind with the outer world of the body.

Remember that during any Breathwork, you intentionally change your breathing pattern, so it is advisable to practice such techniques with the help of a supervisor. We are pleased to service you in this regard. For further discussion and assistance, feel free to contact us.


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