Your Private Magical Retreat

This 4-day life changing retreat
provides even more depth in the insights about yourself and will bring you optimal release and relaxation. Whether reinventing your personal life or professional career, expect to dive deep into your interests, your patterns of behavior, your sources of frustration, and your purpose in the world. You’ll be expertly guided to use the insights you gain as pointers towards a new path. Over these days, you’ll gradually gain clarity for a lifestyle changes aspects as health, relationship, or career purposes.


  • daily yoga ( kundalini & vinyasa)
  • Constellation work : systemic constellation – a very successful patterns dissolving, problem solution work
  • nutrition consultation by expert
  • massage
  • yoga nidra
  • breathwork
  • meditation
  • hikes
  • sound healing
  • creative tools to release and recharge.

After this retreat you will feel uplifted, harmonious and changed.

Constellation work 

Constellation work aims to bring awareness and understanding to hidden dynamics, allowing for healing, reconciliation, and resolution. It can offer insights into personal and collective challenges, traumas, conflicts, and relational issues. By honoring and acknowledging the interconnectedness of individuals within a system, constellations can help restore balance, harmony, and healthy relationships.


  • Life changing insights
  • Better knowledge of yourself
  • Relaxation of the body and mind
  • Calm mind
  • Less stress
  • More focus
  • More awareness
  • Energized
  • Being happy



Yoga, Breathwork teacher since 2012. She teaches the following yoga styles: Vinyasa, Hatha, Jivamukti. She is passionate about transformation and teaching people technics that support them in managing better their daily life. Furthermore, she is founder of, a platform for conscious experiences in Ibiza, Berlin, Tulum & online.


Elena is a highly experienced facilitator of Family Constellations with over 15 to 20 years of training and healing from renowned teachers like Bert Hellinger and Maria Martinez Calderon. She is well-versed in energy healing, having undergone deep training in intuition and perception at the School of Intuition and Life “Eivida”. Elena is a Usui Reiki Master and has studied various modalities, including the Tagdröl Method and holistic massage. With a strong commitment to personal growth, she has practiced yoga, meditation, and Tantra for over two decades. Elena’s journey also includes extensive studies in Shamanism and organizing Women’s Circles. She is a well-rounded facilitator and healer with diverse knowledge.

How to reserve your spot 

Book here via website or contact one of the facilitators to reserve your spot

 Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival

     What People Say
    “I had the incredible opportunity to experience a Family Constellation session facilitated by Elena, and it had a profound impact on me. Throughout the session, Elena skillfully guided us through the process, creating a safe and nurturing space for exploration and healing.

    During the constellation, I was able to gain insights into deep-rooted family patterns that were affecting my life. Through the representation of family members and the energetic dynamics unveiled, I could finally see and understand the underlying dynamics at play. It was like shining a light into the dark corners of my family system.

    Through Elena’s gentle guidance and support, I felt empowered to address and heal these unresolved issues. The session brought a sense of clarity and resolution that I had been seeking for years. It was truly liberating.

    Since the constellation session, I have noticed profound shifts in my relationships and personal growth. I have felt a newfound sense of peace, as the weight of ancestral burdens has lifted.”

    Accommodation: Not included in the price. We help you to book you in a hotel, a house, or a community. Please contact us to discuss the available options.
    Booking: Contact us to reserve your spot for a revitalizing experience in Ibiza.

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