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Breath Ritual & TBT Facilitator
Breathwork, Clearing, Healing
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    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® : Breath Ritual with electronic music for private groups / 1:1
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    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a Breath Ritual. ca 1,5 h 

    We connect ancient Yogic breathing techniques with the art of electronic music, active guidance and knowledge of contemporary science.

    This practice is not only known from Yoga and Mediation centres, but also from big international electronic music festivals.

    It is the perfect for you  if you are a music lover, open to to experience a highly spiritual practice, that will benefit your wellbeing and elevation of consciousness. 

    Your breath is a powerful portal, time to go on a journey with it.

    Benefits of Psychedelic Breath:

    feel joyful, at peace & deeply connected

    access states of flow & meditation

    reach natural highs & elevated states of being

    silent your inner critic & connect to your higher self

    release blockages, stress & anxiety

    (on a mental, physical & energetic level)

    enhance your creativity & gain new insights

    boost your immune-system & activate your willpower

Psychedelic Breath® & Women`s Circle Facilitator, TBT Practitioner

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