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    Sensual, playful, educative rituals that will help you to re-discover yourself and each-other in a space designed for you to feel safe and open.

    This may include my hand-on work or not.

    Shamanic Sexual Somatic Healing – “a holistic, in-depth system for transformation, which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which we can utilise the natural flow of this energy to provide a valuable framework for sexual wholeness, both in the sense of unraveling sexual “disfunction” and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony, both inner and in our relations.” – International School of Temple Arts.

    We co-create safe space for you to support opening up and meeting yourself and each-other, in a way you havent met yet.
    In this space – all of you is welcomed and you are reminded that you can be just who you are, expressing you light and your dark, your pleasure and your heart breaks.
    I invite all of you to show up and to be meet with love. 

    The transformation can only happen when we drop masks.

    I am happy to share with you the TEACHINGS or/and A TANTRIC BODY WORK

    I offer a 20 min free discovery call where we get chance to connect and share to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

    Min 2h long sessions starts from 200 €/per hour.
    Hands on – on request.

    0 out of 5
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