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    AKASHIC RECORDS READING – your IKIGAI channelled – 2 h
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    • 1h Akashic Records Reading where we will channel:
      • your IKIGAI (Life Purpose)
      • + those issues, situations, physical & emotional symptoms, relations, job, economy, gifts, home, beliefs, limiting patterns… that occur in your daily life and that you choose to work on, transcend and heal.
    • Healing with the Akashic Doctors included.

    Audio of the 1h Akashic Records Reading +IKIGAI

    The Akashic Reacords Reading give you the hand so you RE-CONNECT whith what you essentially are and what you came to do, so that you dare to live definitely more aligned with your moment and your choices. There begins your path of Well-Being in this Life and a successful path back home, which is nothing more than the reconection with your own soul essence outside of all time and space.


    • Understanding what is happening in your life
    • Convenient practical guidelines to follow to line up on your path
    • Clarity, direction and focus in your doing
    • Cosmological contectualization of your present moment
    • Deprogramming and Healing of Transgenerational and Past Lifes
    • Improvement of your Well-Being and Health

    About myself

    I am passionate about offering Guide and Accompaniments of Life from an approach where Modern Psychology joins with Spirituality in a practical way to achieve the maximum potential, Well-being and Health in our day to day.

    After years of personal introspection work, I have been training in those disciplines that personally supported me and continue to support me on my path of growth, which I want to share with you in the sessions. Some of these are Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Channeling and Akashic Records Readings, Akashic Doctors/Astral Surgery, Hebrew Pendulum and Ankh Cross.

    Expert:  CRISTINA
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    Coaching Sessions with Human Design & Ayurveda Reading
    Rated 0 out of 5
    144.00 90 minutes

    My sessions are deep and bring my clients out of their comfort zone, which I truly believe is necessary in order to bring long lasting transformational changes. I have the gift of feeling into people‘s aura and truly seeing & feeling them with all my heart. I see the beauty in every soul I encounter and help my clients to see it themselves and to remember their true essence. To experience that their shadow and their light are two sides of the same coin and that both are equally important and beautiful.
    In my sessions I use many different reading tools to support  you  and your path. 
    I love to combine and fusion my knowledge in classic psychology and trauma therapy with shamanism, astrology, human design, yoga, philosophy and mindfulness to create a round and deep web of ancient mystical practices with modern scientific approaches.

    I always meet my clients on an eye-to-eye- level without the false illusion of hierarchy or superiority as I believe the only level where we can truly meet and where authentic healing is possible is the  personal one. I also share about my personal journey, wounds and patterns and don’t pretend to be flawless or perfect. We are all always teachers and students at the same time.

    However all sessions I deliver leave one with true sense of connectedness to once own body and mind.

    Expert:  ELENA
    5 out of 5
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