Interview With Theresa, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Energy Worker

With Theresa you explore the magic of tarot and channeling for the divine messages. She is Intuitive Tarot Reader, Medium, Energy Worker, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Practitioner. 

What is your name and where are you based at the moment?

My name is Theresa Maria Zeitz, and I am based in Berlin.

How does a session with you look and what do your clients experience?

The goal of my sessions is to help my clients to let go of old fears, anger, jealousies, disappointments, sadness, believe systems, triggers that make you lose your center (FLIP!), negative self-talk, low self-esteem, not feeling “enough”, not believing in yourself,  kilos, clothes and sometimes even people, that don’t serve them anymore.

My clients get rid of low vibrations and blocks, unhealthy energies that hold them back instead of pushing them FORWARD!

My clients will feel liberated, strong, confident and ready for SO much goodness in their lives! Miracles come flying their way because we are ALL miracle magnets!

I inspire the POWER for change and growth to my clients.

I use Energy Work, meditation, Tapping, smudging and Tarot Cards. The sessions with me, use all of these methods to get my clients to where the LOVE is to be found. (Yes that is within, but sometimes we can get sidetracked, so I gently point into the right direction ;)  )       

But mostly, I use my medial guidance from above – whereas I can’t really take credit for that, since I am just passing on the message here…
I give sessions in German, English, and Spanish. I give sessions one-on-one, in groups, and of course over the internet as long as I can see the person.

Name the most memorable transformation of a client

The biggest transformation I ever witnessed is the transformation of myself, which is ongoing.

Every time I witness a change in my clients, any transformation – I understand the meaning of: “We are all connected” – more and more.

I fill up with happiness and give the happiness right back to my client. Through my work, I understood that we really are all ONE. That was just a theory before, Words that I didn’t feel –  Now I feel them, physically, emotionally, spiritually and it is MIND and especially HEART BLOWING!  I would be happy to show you how in case you have doubts.

My studio is full of Love and absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Name a recent synchronicity in your life

Synchronicity, happens to me in my dreams and in my daily life, I wouldn’t know where to start! One reason why I love to do what I do is that I learned and keep learning forever why I feel, hear and especially sense  –  the things inside me, you – and the places around me. It brings amazing clarity that I like to pass on, because I know many of us (especially women) have these confusions, and it is so helpful to know  THE WHY’S!

One place to visit before you die

A place to visit before you die…. too many to count, but especially the one INSIDE OF YOU. It is the most interesting to me, but at times difficult to get to. That just makes it so much more “scarcinating” thou, doesn’t it? ( “Scarcinating” is a word I made up, it is being scared and fascinated at the same time, feel free to use it, it will be in the dictionary one day)

One goal to reach if anything was possible

Daily assist several people to rise their frequency and uplift their live force

What is the greatest challenge in your life?

My biggest challenges change all the time. I heal one thing, but then I obviously keep living, so there is something new to celebrate but also to heal! It never ends!

Who do you consider to be your teachers?

I have many teachers. All the relationships with my family and friends are my teachers. They make me conscious, of the places about me that I need to look at.

And then, of course, the Teachers and Masters of their field of excellence that I studied, all the books I read, but most of all my Guides from ABOVE and AROUND me.

What book has influenced you the most?

I have no ONE book, that has influenced me the most, different books at different stages did and do that, and forever will. But I like books of Don Miguel Ruiz, Verda Hasselmann, Jacob Oertli, Charles Eisenstein, Denise Linn, Dr. Jose Dispenza, M.Scott Peck, Nale Donald Walsch, Taisha Abelar.

If you could sum up your philosophy in one slogan, what would that be?

 So maybe it is this very simple one for today: A smile goes a long way.
I try to remember that. I also use my ability to see the bigger picture –  and what I mean with that is feeling and remembering that there is a HIGHER me –  Above and Around me. That’s why, I can put it all into perspective and life feels magically light instead of stressful and heavy.

What is your personal mantra?

 I don’t have ONE Mantra. I like the thought of leaving a place, or a person, with better energy, then before I arrived. even if that happens just through a smile.

What is it that nobody should know about you?

Something nobody is supposed to know… I obviously won’t tell, but I suppose this is something: I LOVE Botox.

I am a strong believer that being in peace with your BODY, MIND and SOUL, brings us closer to content. The way to that Peace can be long and hard work – but it can also be fast and easy at times.  After all, we are here to have fun and ENJOY LIFE!

Intuitive Tarot readings and deep energetic emotional work with Theresa. Find back to your inner center and book your consultation.

What is it that nobody should know about you?

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