Interview with Meera, Transformative Counsellor

What is your name and where are you based at the moment?

I am Meera and I am based in Germany and India. I spend winter in India and summers in Germany since 21 years.

What languages do you offer sessions in?

Mostly English, I can do it in German too, but I am at my best in English.

How does a session with you look and what do your clients experience?

Sessions are mostly around 1 hour,calming and relaxing people than goining to the issue and decoding it, using transformative tool. After session People find them self more connected to innerself, grounded, clear in mind, rested and motivated.

Name the most memorable transformation of a client

Once I gave session to a lady from Turkey, as she was having nightmares and we worked with her dream using transformative tool, and the message of the dream was very strong, powerful and positive, she was coming from an orthodox religious background, but after the session she had enlightening understanding, she could feel the oneness in all beyond religiousness  She has now a yoga studio, and teaching meditation in her country.

Name a recent synchronicity in your life

Oh I have many of this, almost everyday. Can not just name one. But an easy one is: I am thinking of a friend and he/she rings me at that time. It happens always.

One place to visit before you die

I feel life takes us where we need to be… I am not ambitious, but adventurous, open for life to show me its mystery.

One goal to reach if anything was possible

To live and die consciously.

What is the greatest challenge in your life?

Saying yes to my intuition all the time.

What does your personal practice look like?

I wake up and do my pranayama, asana and meditation every morning for at least 90 minutes. But it’s not very fixed style or process, it is diffres day to day. Mostly I try to bring awareness in life and self whenever I remember. That is also part of my practice.

Who do you consider to be your teachers?

Ah many, but Osho is the best master or friend I could say, as he taught me to live life with awareness and take responsibility for the consequence, but then I have my teachers also Devageet with whom I learnt the process of awareness and working with people. And I am still learning from sadhguru, tolle, I learnt from everyone whatever helps me to grow. It could be even my student from the yoga school.

I never stoped being student. Life is itself a teacher.

What book has influenced you the most?

The Search” by Osho

If you could sum up your philosophy in one slogan, what would that be?

Everything is happening for you, Not against you.

What is your personal mantra?

Take it easy, Trust in the process of life.

What is it that nobody should know about you?

No I do not have that issue, people can know all about me,  aha but may be one, I snore when I sleep. Hahahahaha

More about Meera and her work

If you want to know more about Meera and book her yoga teacher trainings, workshops or private sessions, visit her side. 

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