Interview With Rose, Intuitive Psychic & Holistic Therapist

I’ve always been a sensitive soul, and I embraced my true nature as an empath, and then as a psychic and coach. I’m currently completely focused on therapy, individual sessions and educational platform offerings, and always developing my professional skills, because I love to learn and explore.

What is your name and where are you based at the moment?

My name is Rocío (it means fresh- morning dew in Spanish) but everybody calls me Rose.

I’m currently based in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México.

How come you become psychic and coach?

I’ve always been a sensitive soul, but there was a time when I started to accept my true nature as an empath, and then as a psychic and coach. I had to leave everything behind, from a relationship, studies, and even the city to go and live in the mountains in a little rocky house (after a 1 hour and a half horse ride to get to the house on the top of it) for a few months so i could have the serenity that would let me listen to my heart’s truth. At that time, I had already started my studies and personal development as a Spiritual Coach. I also had medium experiences where I was able to reach souls in other realms and connect them with a final healing message for their loved ones after they passed. But I realized I needed to stop everything and start REMEMBERING how my own nature was, along with everything I had learned from mentors and personal research.That is how I became connected to the way I give therapy now.

I can guide you so you can dive in the deep waters of your soul, learn to give it love, and nurture in the most vulnerable way. I know that it’s not that easy to be vulnerable without feeling judged or misunderstood, so I value how important it is to give a loving and safe space for you to kindly release all the veils you feel that are dimming your light and starting to know your own nature and magnificence. Be prepared to feel all the realm’s support and guidance on every session you take.

Please name the most memorable transformation of a client

One of my clients was going through a difficult situation with his wife and son. He didn’t know what to do, so I offered him a Soul Replenishment Session where first we would do the Akasic Reading and then an Energy Healing session. I must say that his energy was really intense because of everything he was going through in his life, but when we finished he ended up with a great smile (he even received a phone call from a friend that was supporting him on the way, and asked him what was going on, why was he was so happy?) He took the messages and wanted to start his awakening journey.

The next week he came again because he made the decision to start the divorce and also changing his routines to have a better life in a general way. He realized he needed to be open to receive guidance on how to consciously deal with all the responsibility that came after making that decision. Besides the differences and triggering emotions that my client knew he had and also would be discovering along the way, he wanted to learn the new way.

During our work together he added some simple rituals like lighting candles, working on his clear petitions, he started to live a more conscious life being more present in the relationship with his son, and afterwards facing a great change in his professional area finding an associate and starting 2 new businesses together.

I must say that I was really happy for him. He saw the opportunity, took a lot of courage and jumped in. He learned to trust the universe and to feel safe being the man he was becoming.

He still comes every once in a while because he loves to feel the wisdom and magic. It reminds him how to do it himself.

Name a recent synchronicity in your life

As a Psychic Medium I was always connected with multidimensional reality. The first spirit that came to me telepathically was Goddess Isis, it was several years ago. 1 year ago I was at Tulum’s beach and I saw a big cloud but it had like a rainbow on it. The next month i couldn’t stop hearing the name Ashtar in my meditation and when I looked into it I got paralyzed. You can do your own research but he is the Galactic Confederation Commander. 6 months ago I received a message from an unknown user on Instagram sayin to me that he is based in Arizona and the goddess led him to me to send me the gift of a few Cintamani Stones. When I asked him who the goddess was, guess who he mentioned? Isis! he made me this gift and sent me tons of information about why I particularly received it and it’s uses. When I checked the information out it was said that it’s normal to see these rainbow clouds in the sky when there are these stones around, and  that one of the most connected forces to the stones is the Galactic Confederation…

Crazy to hear but i felt like when in movies, the witch turns 18, she is ready to emerge from her real power.

Does this count as a synchronicity? haha

What book has influenced you the most?

Well there are so many books that helped me see things clearer and transform my life from within…

I will share a few:

Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer

The Vortex, by Esther & Jerry Hicks

Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza.

I did read many more books from these authors that helped me a lot, and I’m also into reading about Magick History before/after the Gardnerian Wiccan Culture.

Who do you consider to be your teachers?

Everything and everyone… The reflection is my teacher. Certain Situations, the Diamond pressure type triggering ones, and the magical synchronicities that make my heart shine with love and joy. Time is also a great teacher right?

I find everything really inspiring. There are lessons everywhere, if you are willing to see.

What is the greatest challenge in your life?

The greatest challenge in my life was to jump from a cliff to the sea… haha I actually did it and swam to a little private beach that was a few miles away.. I didn’t think I would make it, if I may be really honest. Well, haha I got you! It’s a joke. It was a really big challenge but what was a bigger challenge for me was control. My mind wanted to take control of anything because I experienced delicate situations in the past that left me in a survival mode. So, being conscious in the present moment, just enjoying and trusting the universe was really triggering and a big challenge to me. The biggest lesson in my life was to gracefully let me be.

One place to visit before you die

Cambodia’s millennial palaces and temples

One goal to reach if anything was possible

Establish a healthy world order.

What does your personal practice look like?

My personal practice is full of little and big meditations with different purposes, full of light magick rituals, experiencing multidimensional forces, a lot of channeling and research. It’s really organic.

If you could sum up your philosophy in one slogan, what would that be?

Every moment is perfect. It can only get better.

What is your personal mantra?

Whatever you are, you reflect. Hold the eternal magic in the present moment.

Which podcast do you listen to?

Cymatic Tartaria right now.

Which song do you like to listen to on repeat?

Them Crooked Vultures Album

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