Interview Ruben

Ruben Jones – is very talented Musician, Sound Healer, Sound Journey Guide, Meditation Guide, Ecstatic 5Dance Creator/Guide, Producer, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, based in Ibiza nowadays. 

What is your name and what you are doing/ practicing nowdays?

Rubén Jones, I try to practice everything

Where are you based at the moment?

San Carlos, Ibiza

How come you do what you do at the moment?

Just flows.

What book has influenced you the most?

A course of miracles.

Who do you consider to be your teachers?

The people and the experience that appears in my life.

What is the greatest challenge in your life?

Always living in consciousness.

Name the most memorable transformation of a client?

Reaching a state of non-duality: integral balance.

Name recent synchronicity in your life.

Open any page of a book and receive a vital response.

One place to visit before you die.

I will not die, maybe the body. But anyway, Perú.

One goal to reach if anything was possible.

Balance and harmony for the entire planet and all beings that inhabit it.

What does your personal practice look like?

Love for what I do.

If you could sum up your philosophy in one slogan, what would that be?

Water does not think, it flows.

What is your personal mantra?

Trust in Life.

Which podcast do you listen to nowdays?

No podcast, just what I compose.

Which song do you like to listen to on repeat?

Spirit bird.

What is it that nobody should know about you?

That I make the best allioli in the world, because everyone would love it and I can’t make that much!

What question(s) would you have liked to have been asked?

What is your passion?

More about Ruben and his work

You want to experience sound healing journeys check out Rubens profile and his upcomming events and private sessions.

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