Interview with Elena, Holistic Therapist & Psychospiritual Life Coach

Elena guides others with her voice and paints invisible landscapes of the multiverse into the deep realms of the soul and the various layers of our consciousness.

What is your name and where are you based at the moment?

I am Elena Judith. I have been travelling the world and living in countless places during the last decade as well as I had a base in Berlin.
2020 life has brought me and my partner to Ibiza and we decided to stay. Why? If you have ever been here you don’t need an answer.
The wild nature. The smell of pine and lemon trees as we drove through moon flooded forests. Living a simple life surrounded by nature and a strong spiritual community in a crystal energy field which challenges me & makes me grow on a daily basis.

How does a session with you look and what do your clients experience?

My sessions are deep and bring my clients out of their comfort zone, which I truly believe is necessary in order to bring long lasting transformational changes. I have the gift of feeling into people‘s aura and truly seeing & feeling them with all my heart. I see the beauty in every soul I encounter and help my clients to see it themselves and to remember their true essence. To experience that their shadow and their light are two sides of the same coin and that both are equally important and beautiful.
In my sessions I use many different healing tools to ensure a holistic healing approach that honours body, mind and spirit alike.
I love to combine and fusion my knowledge in classic psychology and trauma therapy with shamanism, astrology, human design, yoga, philosophy and mindfulness to create a round and deep web of ancient mystical practices with modern scientific approaches.

I always meet my clients on an eye-to-eye- level without the false illusion of hierarchy or superiority as I believe the only level where we can truly meet and where authentic healing is possible is the  personal one. I also share about my personal journey, wounds and patterns and don’t pretend to be flawless or perfect. We are all always teachers and students at the same time.

However all classes I deliver leave one with true sense of connectedness to once own body and mind.

Name the most memorable transformation of a client

There have been many beautiful stories of clients who changed their whole life. As I stay in contact with most of my clients after the session, I experience the joy of following them on their journey and get to see their long lasting transformations.
Many of them changed their job after realising what it is that truly makes them happy. Some of them ended toxic relationships and found true love, sometimes first the love for themselves !
Seeing so many of them stepping into their true power and purpose and leaving old paradigms and belief patterns which were holding them down behind, fully my heart with gratitude and bliss each and every time.

Name a recent synchronicity in your life

Life keeps on being hilarious and ironic; just as my partner and me were finally ready to fully commit to moving back to Freiburg( our hometown in Freiburg where we met 11 years ago ) and a new life there, everything changed once more and we are currently living on a tiny island in the Mediterranean. Well, could be worse.

What started as a vacation we wanted to have before creating our nest in the Black Forest in autumn, turned into our new home.

After living in our van and exploring this incredibly beautiful and wild island, and a few days before our return to Germany, the new Lockdown happened and suddenly all our plans, our workshops and our medicine retreats got cancelled, leaving us with not such a bright vision of our new life in Germany in winter ( this would also have been the first real winter in ten years for me ! 🥶)

And on top of it all, we were offered this jewel of a witch house in the middle of the forest.

I am sure you don’t need any explanations anymore.

Witch and wizard in their witch forest.

Surrounded by pine trees and silence we have found our nest for the winter, or it has found us.

Life is incredible, for months I was praying for a wooden cabin in the woods, imagining it to be in the Black Forest – and look what happened. Wooden cabin in the Ibizenco Forest. 🧙🏼‍♀️ 
Funny enough last year I had told our friend Sylvie that I had a strong intuitive feeling I should move to Ibiza. Not that I had ever visited it before.

Seems as once more, my soul always knew.

One place to visit before you die

One place? Are you kidding? So many !!
I really would love to go on a spiritual hike through the deserts of the Middle East which lasts for several weeks so I can connect to my ancestors who have crossed the desert on their way from Egypt to Israel. 
Also walking the „Shvah Israel“ , a hike from  the very north to the very south of the country is calling me strongly.
Visiting sacred sites of Celtic History.
Staying in the Andes in Peru. Doing another Dieta in the jungle of the Amazon. Going on another road trip on my motorbike through India. Visiting Shamans in Mongolia. Learning from different shamans and spiritual practitioners worldwide. Hitchhiking once more through North America sleeping outside every night.

One goal to reach if anything was possible

I would like to see more people connect to Mother Nature and to their True Nature within. And to really protect our Great Mother and feel that we truly are One.
Of course it would be sweet if I could be the one who helped them get there, but even if not, the goal is what matters ;)

And I would like to reach more people with my healing music. 🤍

What is the greatest challenge in your life?

It keeps on being hard for me to let go. To let go of people I love, places I have lived and moments that have passed. I love so deeply that I easily get attached.
Further, I tend to take some things a bit too personal. As the highly sensitive harmony seeking soul I am, things get to me quite fast.

What does your personal practice look like?

I usually start my day with prayers ( spoken out loudly !) and gratitude followed by 30 minutes Pranayama and Vipassana Meditation followed by chanting and 25 minutes of Yoga Asanas.
& Always: Tea and silence.
I spend time in nature and in silence to connect to my inner child and my centre.
I try to see the beauty in the little things and in every encounter I have during my day and take moments to hold in, take a deep breath and feel gratitude towards life. Practices like Yoga, dancing, singing, decorating my house and my surroundings and writing connect me to my creativity.

Who do you consider to be your teachers?

Every person I meet is my teacher at that very moment- that’s why we met !

In general I would say my biggest teacher is my life partner who I have been with for almost eleven years ♥️ He has showed me what love is! He mirrors me daily and shows me where I stand and where my triggers lie. Not always easy haha !

My blood sisters are also big teachers me, their wisdom and their unconditional love towards me help me see myself absinthe world over and over again.

The spiritual teachers who inspire me a lot  are Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Amma, Goenka, Jesus and Mary Magdalene 🏽

What book has influenced you the most?

The power of now / A new earth – Eckhart Tolle

Which song do you like to listen to on repeat?


If you could sum up your philosophy in one slogan, what would that be?

We are all in this together. We need each other and that is okay. You don’t need to figure out everything on your own.
Nature heals. Beauty raises your energy. There are many paths but ONE TRUTH : Love and have compassion. Give and forgive.

What is your personal mantra?

You are enough. You are loved. You are worthy. You can allow yourself to simply be.

What is it that nobody should know about you?

I feel people should know my vulnerabilities and shadows as they are love too and make me who I am.

Blessings !

More about Elena and her work here

Find the time to heal & clear your life in privat session or workshops, retreat and at events with Elena. 

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