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Berlin based modern shaman Claudia designs shamanic vision journeys based in Munay Ki Inka shamanism, performs energetic space clearing for business and private spaces and classic personal trance healing sessions. Her personal motto is “Love is the Key”. Over the course of our conversation she explains what self-love really does for you and the difference between authentic and ego spirituality.


Love is the Key

For Claudia, love and forgiveness are the key to everything. Only then do you become a clear channel for the divine light, which radiates an unconditional love, a yes to what is. You oppose this inflowing love with a lack of self-forgiveness, self-esteem and a lack of lived authenticity, which is only lifted by real acceptance. “Love is the key. For me, this is not just an empty phrase,” she emphasized during our conversation. “Healing only works through total acceptance.”

This insight, she says, has grown gradually over the years as she learned to distinguish between authentic and ego spirituality. Her spiritual journey began in the aftermath of a traumatic experience at the age of 23, when she lost everything from her boyfriend to her apartment all at once.


Authentic spirituality vs. ego spirituality

Claudia is a warm-hearted woman who likes to work with people who find self-love particularly difficult. She says that above all authentic spirituality consists in telling the truth and showing yourself truthfully. This is also what saying no is about, which is something so many people find challenging.

Through this love for the truth and true compassion for what is within you, your heart opens. Then you become an authentic channel for the divine light and life becomes increasingly effortless and wonderful. “Authentic spirituality,” she says, “is about taking off all masks and roles.” This can be a challenging process at times, but it is actually the key to living with ease. Shamanic work supports this journey into your own truth by dissolving energetic blocks, unforgiven issues and old contracts and thereby empowering forward movement.

In ego-spirituality, on the other hand, there is a tendency to bypass uncomfortable emotions, to get caught up in projections and illusions and to pretend to be someone you are not. “If you don’t know yourself, you’ll fall into all these traps, because your shadow issues are working in the background,” she explains. None of this works. There is no substitute for real self-love.


Guardian angel updates and healing spirals

During our session on the phone, she first asks me to present my request and say a few words about it. My request concerns a project that I would like to start. Claudia tells me that for such a project I simply have to work as a channel for the divine light. This channel has to be free of interference. In the course of the trance healing that follows, it becomes clear what she means by this.

Claudia begins by asking me to imagine my feet steeped in a sphere of light that is radiating out in all directions. Then we gradually draw this light upwards towards the head, where she asks me to imagine a second sphere of light. And finally the light flows downwards into my arms and hands. After that she asks me to imagine my energy field expanding from the physical body to my home, to my city, to my country, to the continent, to the whole of the earth, to the moon and finally into the whole universe.

At this point she is calling in the spirits: the angels of the four directions, the ancestors and spiritual helpers and asks them to work on my behalf. “Please do your job well.” In one fell swoop guardian angels are being updated, healing spirals are being activated and old contracts are being dissolved. Pockets of resistance are always being loved and blessed. We go through them one by one like layers of an onion until I sense a clear movement of energy on both the left and the right shoulder and heart side.

If I should suddenly become angry over the next few days, I should not be surprised, also if I feel more sensitive than usual. Simply relax. This is about acceptance. She should indeed be right about her emotional prognosis and I am curious to see how the process will develop in the next few weeks.


Carrying your heart on your tongue

“It is important that you give yourself the same value that you give to others,” she says. Ultimately, it is simply a matter of opening your heart and developing compassion for yourself, not getting caught up in the usual polarizations. Acceptance means above all honestly sharing what is inside and deepening your contact, staying with it.

We don’t have time to continue this conversation, as she is heading off to one of her shamanic initiation retreats in the Palatinate Forest and the Canary Islands right after. These retreats she offers are based in Munay Ki shamanism of the Inka. This will be the topic of our next conversation.


by Gwendolin Kirchhoff

Find more about Berlin based medium Claudia and her trance healing sessions according to Munay Ki Inka shamanism. 

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