Cosmic Medicine by Sirya

Becoming more cosmic is a stumbling path

We live in a world of duality and everything has two sides. Always.

Nothing is only bad or only good. That also applies to taking the spiritual path.

What began for me already last year – putting my toxic structures to the test – was the beginning of “becoming more cosmic” as I realized during our session.

“When we see that everything is toxic out there it is because we are becoming more cosmic.”

That sentence made so much sense to me. Still, this process can be painful because everything that used to make sense doesn’t make sense anymore. It is like quitting the matrix, Siriya said, but therefore we experience the abundance we are looking for.

But to reach that we may have to make huge changes about our current life. Thos can regard where we are living, who we are living with, what we are doing and what gives us security.

But this apparent security is mostly associated with giving up on creativity for a certainty of an income, said Siriya.

To make it more clear:

“The certainty of an income versus your life energy.”

She also pointed out topics which were already familiar to me but I had forgotten about. My chronic longing for love (which she has never seen like this before) for instance was the reason why she suggested to take a closer look into the twin flame topic. I was already in contact with this phenomenon years ago and since there is no coincidence in this life I was highly awake when she mentioned that topic again.

She told me that the creative aspect of the sacred union could help me to vibrate love at a very deep level and therefore better my relationships. 

Siriya also showed me ways to let go of deep rooted traumas from the past through certain mantras or the loud uttering of combinations of letters. “The body responds to stimulus first in our mind. Our mind generates thoughts, these thoughts generate feelings, emotions and they in return create physical response.

Since the body has a story and stores emotions it can create imbalances. For Siriya those imbalances exist in order to take us through our life journey. But “yet it desires to heal.”

Healing through sound and symbols

Alongside her intuitive skills Siriya uses technology to bring back balance and homeostasis in our body systems. 

In my case I strongly respond to sound, which fits perfectly since Siriya is preparing a Bio Resonance Track tailored for my needs. Those frequencies change the body, the system and the energy level. “You don’t have to do anything but to listen to that track everyday for 10-15 minutes. It will help you with your alignment.”

Also she told me that classical music brings me back to order and could encourage me to balance out my passionate and fiery side.

Siriya knows exactly what she is talking about since homeopathy and other alternative medicine systems picked her up and saved her life: After working and living in very toxic structures for a long period she faced a serious health crisis. 

During that time she realized that life does not happen to us, but through us.

This is also the way she works with her clients: “You may be creating a space together but it is you who will be leading healing.”

That is also where homeopathy comes in: it brings to life the principle of like cures like instead of suppressing diseases. Siriya prescribed me two remedies plus an instruction of creating one by myself. She recommended me to make a little ritual out of taking the remedies. 

Since I am very sensitive to artificial things, which take my energy she told me to use more oil-based perfumes as well as essential oils.

She also advised me to get rid of old clothes and jewellery, because some things in my home are charged with energy which is not serving my new path anymore.

I want to use the upcoming christmas holiday season and days between the new year to implement all her valuable advice. In keeping with the contemplative mood, I would like to conclude with my hope that more people will turn to alternative holistic healing ways. So we can get closer to “a world we don’t need retreat from” as Siriya aptly puts it together.

by Anush Muthesius

You want to book a treatment with Siriya and discover her remedy, visit her side. 

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