Energy Healing: From Head to Heart

I was curious, but also a little sceptical before my first healing session with Katharina. It was the first time for me to engage in such a holistic experience of my body, my thoughts and my soul.

I had to get used to the fact that we didn’t see each other personally, but only through Zoom. But Katharina’s soft voice and her pleasant, kind-hearted nature quickly convinced me.


Session about Zoom

I was able to open up to her easily, even without sitting in a room with her. The journey through my body and the different chakras was very intense.  In the beginning I still tried to control and direct many things with my mind. But the more I allowed myself to get involved with Katharina and the sensitive way she sensed my energies, the more I could let go of my head and the thoughts in my mind and concentrate on breathing, feeling and my heart.

Going through different emotions

During the session I went through different emotions and also physically felt very different things. In the beginning my head was dominant and I felt a lot of pressure. But that became less with time. In between I was cold, I was freezing and wanted to wrap myself in a soft, protective coat and hide. But in the end I felt very soft and warm. And the sadness and heaviness that initially hung over my head like a bell or a mushroom became much lighter and permeable at the end of our session.

I slept like a baby

I slept like a baby that night, which is very rare for me, because I am usually tense and sleep badly. But something had been resolved in the session with Katharina. Also the pressure on my bladder and the kidney pains I had in the last days improved.

Clear change

Katharina told me that the positive energy would intensify in the next one or two weeks. Already now I feel a clear change. I am very happy and grateful to have been able to let myself in on this new experience and to open up to the exciting world of energy healing.

Since then I have been listening more to myself – to my heart, my body and my intuition. And I am letting go of my controlling mind a little bit more.


by Steffanie Steigert

Katharina gives Online Sessions in energy healing and dissolves energetic and emotional blocks. 

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