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Human Design Reading With Elena

You want to find out more about yourself and your uniqueness, the Human Design System will give you many answers. This system is based on your birth constellation and said to reveal your inherent nature. To know the own Human Design Chart is inspiring and empowering, and helps to straighten their life out. In view of this I was more than curious when I got the chance to get my Human Design Chart read by Elena.

Why Human Design is so life changing

Already a while ago I noticed that in the spiritual community a growing number of people are using Human Design to change their workflow, relationship matters as well as daily routines.

Since I also faced troubles in making decisions or structuring my work routine I was especially interested in how my Human Design could help me in those matters.

I scheduled a consultation with Elena, who has been working with Human Design already for many years and deepened her studies in 2017. She is deeply fascinated and convinced of the impact the planets of our solar system have on our lives and personalities, on our individual energies.

“For me Astrology and Human Design are magical tools which I can feel on a very profound level in my everyday life, they feel tangible and – what might surprise some sceptics- very rational and logical to me rather than simply esoteric.” she explained. 

“If the moon makes our tides – and our bodies are made from around 70 % water – then how could this planet and all the others not be influencing our innermost beings, our inner waters, our emotional bodies?

Elena studied Anthropology in Berlin and felt the call to preserve the ancient knowledge of the tribes that still exist before they vanish. She also works as a certified Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher and has been holding workshops and retreats focused on holistic group therapy, EcoTherapy and Sacred Plant Medicine all around the world, such as India, Thailand, Israel, Germany, Croatia and many more. A true globetrotter.

So it may hardly be surprising that during the time of our consultation Elena was living in a deep forest in Ibiza – which made a virtual session impossible so we arranged it over the phone.

I had sent my birth details to Elena beforehand so she could take a look at my chart. During our phone call I had my Human Design Chart open in front of me to be able to follow her analysis.

The reason why Human Design is so life changing is because it makes us understand and accept ourselves. In a world where we are constantly being told that we are either not good enough or too much to handle, being ourselves is a revolutionary act.” 

But before I will go into detail I will dive a little bit into the Human Design System in general because it is very complex and a few basics need to be understood.

A brief introduction to the Human Design System

It is no secret that every person is unique and has different abilities and potentials. What comes very easy for one person can mean an insane effort for the next one. While someone makes decisions within a few seconds, somebody else might need more than a few days to find the answer.

Some of these differences we are very aware of – others we might have never questioned or just accepted them in certain ways. But truly knowing and understanding them can mean a deep relief. 

This is where Human Design comes into play: it maps our individual characteristics in detail and can help adjust the way of structuring our life. 

Its knowledge is rather new: In 1987 it was channeled to Alan Robert Krakower – a former successful businessman and publisher – while he lived in Ibiza under the synonym Ra Uru Hu. According to him he was taught about the mechanical and spiritual structure of the universe during eight days and nights, parallel to the event of a supernova, the powerful and luminous stellar explosion.

Human Design has been often referred to as “the new astrology” although it is entirely separate from it. Still it does include some astrological elements. But it is more than that, since it is based on a complex synthesis of different sciences such as genetics, biochemistry and quantum physics as well as elements of chakra teachings, Kabbalah and the I-Ging. 

“This fusion of ancient sciences which are still so up to date and valuable for our wellbeings and our human evolution is very accurate and combines the female intuitive spiritual teachings with the Logos / male energy approach of logic and reason.” Elena explained to me.

Every Human Design Analysis is based on the so-called body graphic which is calculated on the basis of the exact dates of birth and looks different for every single person. You can imagine it as a picture of the inner fingerprint of a person.

If you want to find out about your own Human Design Chart you can do it by using one of the free calculators.

There exist four types within the Human Design System which are called

  • Generators (70% of the worlds’ population)
    • incl. Manifesting Generators (32% of the worlds’ population)
  • Manifestors (9% of the worlds’ population)
  • Projectors (22% of the worlds’ population)
  • Reflectors (1 % of the worlds’ population)

    In general you could say that Generators and Manifesting Generators have powerful internal motors to work hard, Manifestors are here to initiate with extreme power and have impact on others, Projectors bring visions and have the energy to guide, lead and manage, and Reflectors have the potential to see what is happening in a way that no one else is able to and therefore act as a mirror to society.

    If you are interested in learning more about the complex but very fascinating Human Design System I recommend to discover the website dedicated to the meanwhile deceased founder Alan Robert Krakower .

How can you benefit from Human Design?

As the name already says the Human Design System reveals how we are designed and therefore who we are as unique differentiated beings. It has the potential to awaken us to our true self. The individual can find their specific role in the bigger picture and understand their own limitations as well as advantages.

  • It can work as a guideline of how your Life Purpose is supposed to flow through you
  • It helps in making correct decisions and further lead you in the right direction of your Life Purpose
  • It demonstrates how your cognition works properly
  • It maps out the conditioned mind but also reveals how you can change your conditioning

To sum it up in one sentence: Living and operating in alignment to our design can lead to more flow and success in our lives. Depending on the Type you are, the Human Design System offers you to read you individual strategy.

My strategy: Trusting my gut feeling and waiting

Although not being able to see each other was a bit of a challenge, I still was impressed how good the session via phone worked anyway. Elena has a very pleasant and clear voice which is easy to follow. (Maybe this is not a surprise since she is a wonderful singer as well.)
I found out that due to my birth time and location I came to this earth as a Generator with Sacral Authority.

“As a Generator you have a lot of energy that you can maintain over a long period of time”, revealed Elena about my type. “Generators generate their life energy, kundalini energy from the defined sacral centre as soon as they react to something where they can ‘work’.”

The Self-topic is satisfaction. If something gives me pleasure I am on the right path and can sustain for a long period of time. But if I live my authority wrongly, do too much, or make the wrong decisions – especially at the wrong times! – I will feel frustration.

I actually found myself in everything Elena said: “You could burn out because you initiate or do something that should be someone else’s job, for people who don’t even appreciate your work, and that frustrates you. Better conserve your energy for projects you’re really excited about.” 


Time is my Ally

Therefore the strategy for Generators is waiting and responding to invitations that life gives them. “Time is your Ally.” was a sentence from Elena that immediately burned deep into my brain and which I am trying to integrate and live since then.

Trusting in time is a very challenging mission in our fast and permanently reinventing world – but as I figured very essential. Not only for Generators of course, but for us in particular.

Elena who is a Generator herself added: “It is better for us to wait because it is not our nature to initiate so much. We meet resistance and things don’t work out what leads to frustration. Starting things is just not our job.” 

Success follows when we find synchronicities and respond to impulses. “Therefore watch for signs, perceive them and then respond.” 

When I look back on certain situations in my life I can absolutely agree on this process.  The most successful points in my life were those when I either got into something by coincidence or if I had a very clear and concrete vision in my head and just initiated a simple step – the rest followed magically.

Invitations can come from life itself, from occasions. It doesn’t mean you have to receive a concrete job offer but being open and mindful to options that will meet you on the way can guide you to the right path.

When it comes to making decisions the strategy for me as a Generator with Sacral Authority would be to pay attention to gut my feelings told me Elena. “Feel into the gut, feel the energy that comes up, if it is more uplifting or cramping.”

This can even be connected to a sound: “uh-huh”, “uh-uh” or “mmh”.

It can totally help to practice listening to them or saying them out loud, said Elena, in order to practice to learn to distinguish them.

“We have forgotten to listen to our gut feeling – but we should embody it again.

Because that is where we find the answers.”

Because my authority is sacral, the answers do not come from the head, from pro and con lists or feelings.

They come from the gut and they often come very fast. And after it the head switches on and then it may be hard to differentiate.

The biggest insights I reveived from reading

  • As a Generator with Sacral Authority I can unconditionally trust my abdominal voice, my gut feeling
  • Therefore becoming sensitive for the sounds rising up in my belly can help me as a guidance in decisions
  • Waiting for impulses and responding to them is my strategy  (How soothing is that!?)
  • I am called to work with the invitations and synchronicities of life
  • Therefore time is my ally.

As a conclusion I would say that I was pretty impressed by how strongly Elenas’ analysis only from reading my Chart resonated with me. And so far we have only worked superficially on the basic structures of my Design. I am sure that going deeper into the details and deriving concrete strategies would change and facilitate my life in a lasting and profound way. 

“Absolutely!” Elena agreed with me: “We can finally accept ourselves the way we are, with all our facetts, all our colours, all our beautifully shattered and fragmented pieces of our soul.”

I think everyone should get a Human Design Chart reading at least once in their lifetime and so I would like to close the article with a beautiful quote that Elena told me in the end of our session: 

“When we understand and accept ourselves, we can also understand and accept others more – we can approach the people in our lives from a non – judgemental point of view. And this is a huge step towards peace on earth.” 

by Anush Muthesius

You want to find the best strategy and guidance through life. Check out Elenas sessions.

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