Karma Clearing With Angelic Voices

Alicia is a Canadian Shiatsu therapist, Reiki master and classically trained singer and a Happiness Coach. When she first noticed her clients returning to her with the same symptoms over and over again, she wanted to know how to uproot them once and for all and received the inspiration to channel certain frequencies through her voice. These frequencies open the door to the origin of these symptoms, the seeds of karma, as she calls them. In her Angelic Voices classes she leads her clients with ambient chants into spaces of consciousness where old patterns dissolve by themselves and dreams come true effortlessly.

It is a hot Wednesday evening in August and I don’t know what to expect. In front of me on the screen a white-clad strikingly beautiful woman appears. Her practice room is adorned with roses and gold ornament. After a short round of introductions, in which she presents her work in a fizzy, cheerful manner, we are all asked to lie down on our backs or at least lean back comfortably and close our eyes. Then it already starts. Suddenly beautiful, ambient chants stream through my headset and soon I sink into a deep, pleasant state of relaxation.

Butterflies and natural DMT

Alicia’s core practice consists of something she calls Angelic Voices. With these ambient spontaneous chants she taps into different subtle realms and natural phenomena such as the glistening light on the water surface or the water itself. She guides the group into a visionary process by imagining a green-golden butterfly fluttering on the forehead and thereby releasing small amounts of the body’s natural DMT.

The process begins with a sphere of light in the abdomen, which gradually expands beyond the body’s boundaries and into the surrounding space. She calls this process becoming one with the divine space of consciousness. 

Then she releases the intuition of the Higher Self in the form of a smaller sphere of light and leads us into an interaction with it. We start with simple questions like: What would be best for me to have for lunch tomorrow? My inner eye shows me a large bowl of edamame and my favourite Japanese restaurant. This is followed by the question of what transformative insight is in store for today’s journey. However, this is just a general recommendation, we can of course ask our own specific questions


Changing past lives

During all this time, she is singing her ambient chants, which she is now addressing to each one of us in turn like a message. Afterwards everyone describes their inner images. If an image contains an emotional charge, she leads into an interaction with it. She calls these images past lives, and it does not matter for the process whether these images stand for something past in a direct or symbolic sense. The key question is: What is there to learn from this past life?

In my case, a man appears, whom I perceive as being enclosed in a narrow tube-shaped snakeskin and concentrated on his rights. I have the association of an American conservative. Out of this skin a big snake is peeling its way forward, spiraling upwards and eventually turning into a white dragon. The dragon reminds me of Falkor, the lucky dragon, from the Neverending Story, and feels very light. 

After I have described this image to her, we return to the beginning of the sequence. She asks me to look at this man closely and describe how I would change the situation or change the quality I perceive in this man. Immediately the following thought comes to mind: no protection needed. He does not have to protect himself. I have hardly expressed the thought, when I feel a stream of cool energy flowing through a spot on my upper right chest like a short tunnel. She suggests imagining new tissue growing in this spot, because an energetic charge has just left the body.


Seeds of karma and the great metamorphosis

According to Alicia’s philosophy, the energy body carries all kinds of “seeds of karma“. These remnants of past experience can actually be located in different parts of the body. In her work, Alicia is tracking these seeds of karma down, erasing them and filling the remaining space with the energy of the Higher Self. Through this process she says, these experiences would no longer be playing out in the client’s life resulting in a drastically different attitude towards life. Also their higher aspirations manifest with unexpected ease. 

Over the years, she has consolidated this kind of approach more and more. Today she only needs comparatively few sessions for clearing the energy field of these seeds of karma. This process, which she calls metamorphosis, is divided into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: clearing all seeds of karma from the aura and calling the Higher Self into embodiment,
  • Phase 2: rebirth of the personality from your most joyful and creative experiences and impulses
  • Phase 3: alignment and manifestation of your goals and dreams.

After quickly gaining insider fame in the spiritual scene of Tulum, Mexico, her online Angelic Voices group classes have started to spread all across the globe by word of mouth.

Interested in a session with Alicia? You can book it here.


by Gwendolin Kirchhoff

Karma Clearing, deleting old energy blocks, is the first step to joy and happiness. In her Angelic voices classes Alicia Fricker is leading you into heavenly realms where old patterns dissolve and dreams become true. Find out how to join here.

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