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    Understanding Yourself with human design

    What is the Human Design? The Human Design system provides enormous insights about your true nature and authentic self. It gives you insights who you are and how you use the consciousness of your body as a tool for decision-making. Human design guides you to become the original version of you by offering a chart […]

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    My Spiritual Journey; from Reactor to Creator

    A World Bound to Content and Material The race of better-than-other has been responsible for every genocide, hatred, and rape of the planet. Materialistically bound world taught us to be over rational and perceive reality as “Physical Reality” only. Now I’m not in any sense, denying the vitality of the physical world, but it seems […]

  • Interview With Rose, Intuitive Psychic & Holistic Therapist

    I’ve always been a sensitive soul, and I embraced my true nature as an empath, and then as a psychic and coach. I’m currently completely focused on therapy, individual sessions and educational platform offerings, and always developing my professional skills, because I love to learn and explore. What is your name and where are you […]

  • woman in the woods

    Human Design Reading With Elena

    You want to find out more about yourself and your uniqueness, the Human Design System will give you many answers. This system is based on your birth constellation and said to reveal your inherent nature. To know the own Human Design Chart is inspiring and empowering, and helps to straighten their life out. In view […]

  • Tarot, Triggers And Incense With Theresa

    Individual incense blends and inner images Theresa begins by giving me a brief introduction into the following ritual, before she asks me to close my eyes, relax and simply let the images of all the things I would like to let go of today arise in my inner space. It doesn’t have to be anything […]

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