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Understanding Yourself with human design

What is the Human Design?

The Human Design system provides enormous insights about your true nature and authentic self. It gives you insights who you are and how you use the consciousness of your body as a tool for decision-making.

Human design guides you to become the original version of you by offering a chart called the body graph. This chart helps you recognize your true self. How you interact with others, make decisions, know your strengths.

The Human Design chart is calculated by your date of birth, place, and time. Astrology also uses the same data, but it interprets them differently. In both systems, the position of planets, moon, and sun at your birth time are very crucial.

However, knowing your Human Design, you’re able easier to accept and love yourself and transform your life.

Who Developed the Human Design System?

In 1992, Alan Krakower, under the pseudonym of Ra Uru Hu, developed the Human Design system in Ibiza (Spain), followed by a mystical experience with “a voice”.
The Human Design system is a combination of the ancient knowledge of the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, and the chakras system.

Human Design has different parts:

In your Human Design, you’ll observe many numbers and symbols contained in a graph. It includes “profile,” Type,” “Signature,” “Incarnation Cross,” and many more. Human Design focuses more on your Type. The Types include:

  • Manifestors: Almost 10% of humanity is comprised of this type. Such people are very creative and considered natural leaders. They do not engage in any danger because of their repulsive aura.
  • Generators: It is comprised of 70% of humanity with a dominant type. Having an open aura, they try to find satisfaction.
  • Reflectors: They are only 1% of humanity. They have a resistant aura and make their decisions by waiting for the lunar cycle.
  • Projectors: With a penetrating aura, they comprise 20% of humanity. They always find success and cooperate with others.
understanding yoourself image
understanding yourself image

Human Design Chart:

How you like to interact with the world, how you make decisions, and how the energy circulates in your body are all graphically illustrated by Human Design Chart.

It tells you about your skills, establishments, and your consistency by using your date of birth and time. Ultimately, the body graph helps you live in alignment with your true nature.

All of your skills are determined by the nine centers shown in the Human Design Chart above.

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