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My Spiritual Journey; from Reactor to Creator

A World Bound to Content and Material

The race of better-than-other has been responsible for every genocide, hatred, and rape of the planet. Materialistically bound world taught us to be over rational and perceive reality as “Physical Reality” only.

Now I’m not in any sense, denying the vitality of the physical world, but it seems like the idea of being conscious of one’s spirituality has been run out of town: a form beyond your name and identity. As an outcome, everyone is suffering from compulsive and repetitive thinking-pattern. Due to the dysfunctionality and negative nature of the mind, there is a serious leakage of vital energy in most.

Looking In, Looking Out

Since my childhood, I have been looking for answers. For reasons unfathomable, the site of the starry sky always made me wonder about my existence. My curiosity moderately arose over time. During the initial years of my teenage, I came to know that all elements that are present in our body- Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Iron, are once formed into the core of billions and billions of years old stars. In simple words, We are literally living entities that possess the remnants of stars.

The realization of this fact smash-hit me like a thunderbolt. The knowledge that we all came from the same ancestor and are indeed connected with every other entity of the Universe was a momentous moment for me. Years back, even now that I look back to that determining moment, I reason that it was the first step of my journey towards enlightenment.

spirtual journey

From Reading to Writing

As the years passed on, my sweet illusions started to fade away- thanks to our over-practical world. Besides, my non-acceptance and resistance towards my inner self was anything but pleasing.

I was certain that there was something wrong with me. What? I scarcely had any idea! Or you may put it like this; I was conscious of my disease but unconscious of the cause. When one day, I decided to read a book by Eckhart Tolle: “The Power of Now”, that I randomly picked up on my way back to University. This book was an eye-opener for me. Can a book change someone? Yes! Once-in-a-blue-moon moment, even a sentence can. Suddenly, I was back to my childhood realization, the awareness that I am something more than my physical body and Mind.

After that, there was nothing that could stop my enthusiasm towards seeking my spiritual being. Meanwhile, my flair for words grew increasingly. I decided to pursue a career as a writer to let others identify their own life-force energies. Till now, I have written countless papers on Spirituality, the Mysterious Nature of Human Beings, and Spiritual Practices: Chakra Healing, Meditation, and Reiki, all do wonders on both physical and emotional levels.

Looking back at my past, I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward, I am filled with the vision of helping the seekers of peace, truth, and freedom.

Finding Your Invisible And Indestructible Reality

Scarcely anyone, by the matter of fact, can achieve the enlightened state alone. To become the creator of your life, rather than a reactor, one should seek some inspiration(in my case a Spiritual writer), a mentor, or anyone in particular who can help him/her to recognize the inner powers. That’s where the need for spiritual life coach usually arise.

A Spiritual Coach helps you to become free from delusions of psychological time by letting you recognize your inner essence. Here I must appreciate the work of Ayanation. The organization is helping people to identify The Inner Purpose Of their Life’s Journey with the help of exceptional Spiritual Mentors and Healers. They support you in healing for your soul, body, and mind, unlocking your intuitive and creative power by clearing your vision and path.

Here I put together some basic tips, that can work exceptionally to awake your divine state that is far from the mundane forms of life.

  • Acceptance: There is always some kind of non-acceptance or judgment on our mental and emotional level. The mind loves to feed more and more desires, ending up making you feel incomplete. So rather than working against your situation, work along with it. Accept things as they are, instead of assuming tedious
  • Nature, the Ultimate Healer: Mother nature never fails to amaze us! Make it a habit to observe the exceptional patterns of the Universe. It is rightly put into words by John Muir ”In every walk with nature, one receive far more than he seeks”
  • The Joy of Being: While it’s necessary to have a healthy relationship with your loved ones, spending too much of your time with people can pollute your inner journey. To alert your deepest self, it is essential to spare some time for your self alone. This will help you to recognize your fears, conflicts, and shortcomings. Besides, it will strengthen your bond with yourself, making you adapt to battle trouble


spirtual journey

A Word From Us

No one’s life is free from mental conflicts and worries. Isn’t it a question to learn the art of embracing them rather than hiding from them?

It is assumed that reaching the spiritual dimension is something extra- human. Only those of divine powers can reach the supremacy of inner satisfaction. But the truth is, all of us are already possessing sacred powers. All you need to do is to search for the truth of your existence by fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life.

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