4 ELEMENTS – 4 days – Private Retreat Ibiza

Unleash Your Inner Fire: Join the 4 Elements Retreat in Ibiza for Transformation and Renewal

Welcome to the 4 Elements Retreat in Ibiza, a transformative healing experience. Throughout this retreat, we will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and restoration, allowing you to reconnect with your true essence.

During the Fire element sessions, we will help you release and let go of your past, shedding light on what no longer serves you. Through empowering exercises and rituals, we will ignite the flames of transformation, freeing you from the burdens that hold you back.

Purify and Rejuvenate: Experience the Healing Power of Water

In the Water element sessions, we will focus on clearing and purifying your energy. Through gentle practices and therapies, you will cleanse yourself from negativity, promote emotional healing, and create space for renewed vitality.

Manifest Your Dreams: Set Goals and Find Clarity

The Air element sessions will be dedicated to manifesting your goals and setting intentions for the future. We will guide you through goal-setting exercises, visualization techniques, and empowering workshops, enabling you to harness the power of your mind and bring your dreams into reality.

Ground Yourself in Nature
Grounding and connecting with the Earth element will be the focus of our sessions dedicated to helping you find inner stability and a sense of rootedness. Through grounding exercises, nature walks, and earth-based healing practices, we will anchor you in the present moment, fostering a deep connection with the natural world and yourself.

Throughout the retreat, you will experience a diverse range of methods and practices aimed at calming your mind, rediscovering your purpose, and embracing your authentic self. From sacred ceremonies and energy healings to guided meditations, soothing scents, and more, every aspect of this retreat has been carefully curated to support your healing journey.

Join us at the 4 Elements Retreat in Ibiza, and allow us to create a space for the true you to emerge. Replenish your spirit, unlock your potential, and return to the world with a deep sense of clarity, purpose, and inner peace.

Accommodation: Discover Hidden Gems in Ibiza for an Unforgettable Stay

Come with us on a unique journey on extraordinary accommodations that showcase the true essence of Ibiza. We specialize in recommending special places that are pure gems, allowing you to experience Ibiza from a different perspective.

Our curated selection of accommodations will show you a side of Ibiza that you may not yet know. From enchanting villas nestled in the tranquil countryside to boutique hotels with breathtaking coastal views, we will help you find the perfect place to call home during your retreat.

 As part of our tailored experience, we offer guided hikes and immersive experiences that allow you to see Ibiza through the lens of the four elements. Explore the island’s hidden corners, witness its natural beauty, and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between nature and your own well-being.

Join us as we unveil Ibiza with different eyes, letting the four elements guide our exploration. Whether you’re seeking a serene escape or an adventurous discovery, we are here to curate an unforgettable experience that combines exceptional accommodation with unique perspectives of Ibiza.

Feel free to contact us and let us know your preferred dates for the retreat. We will be happy to discuss and find the perfect timing that suits you best. We understand that flexibility is key, and we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience at a time that works for you.

Special Offer : Take a friend along to the retreat and save 250€ off your price.

An example of the program

**Day 1: Element of Water**
9:00 AM – Opening Circle and Introduction
9:30 AM – Yoga by the Sea: Incorporating fluid movements
10:30 AM – Break and Refreshments
11:00 AM – Aqua Healing Therapy: Water-based relaxation techniques
12:00 PM – Lunch with a view of the water
1:30 PM – Free Time / Spa Treatments
3:30 PM – Workshop: Emotional fluidity and adaptability
5:00 PM – Water Element Meditation
6:00 PM – Dinner
8:00 PM – Evening Beach Walk and Reflection

**Day 2: Element of Air**

9:00 AM – Morning Wind Ceremony
9:30 AM – Pranayama (Breathwork) Session
10:15 AM – Embodying the lightness of air
11:15 AM – Break and Refreshments
11:30 AM – Creative Expression Workshop: Painting the skies
1:00 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Free Time / Explore Surroundings
4:00 PM – High-Altitude Hike
8:00 PM – Dinner
9:30 PM – Stargaze Viewing and Mindfulness Meditation

The exact activities, their sequence, and timings would depend on the location’s resources and the preferences of attendees. It’s essential to ensure time for reflection, relaxation, and integration of experiences across the days.  This template is a balanced mix of scheduled activities and free time.

Accommodation: Not included in the price. We help you to book you in a hotel, a house, or a community. Please contact us to discuss the available options.
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