Ice Bath & Breathwork Mastery – for private groups / 1:1

Rejuvenate & Energize: Personalized Ice Bath & Breathwork Sessions

Transform your well-being with our bespoke Ice Bath & Breathwork sessions, tailored to empower your physical and mental health, whether it’s a solo journey or an intimate group experience.

One-on-One Session:

Indulge in a private, one-on-one session designed exclusively for your unique needs. Perfect for individuals seeking a deeply personal approach to wellness, this session includes a 30-minute guided breathwork practice paired with a subsequent ice bath tailored to your comfort level. Embark on a journey that stimulates your body’s natural healing processes, elevates your mental clarity, and strengthens your stress response.


– Bolster your immune system

– Enhance mental focus and clarity

– Improve circulation and reduce inflammation

– Elevate your mood and energy levels

– Harness the power of controlled stress to fortify your resilience

Group Session:

Experience the invigorating power of cold therapy and conscious breathing in a private group session. Ideal for friends, family, or team-building, this 90-minute group session is designed to create a sense of community and shared empowerment as you support each other through the exhilarating ice bath and transformative breathwork exercises.


– Foster a deeper sense of connection and camaraderie

– Share a unique and memorable wellness experience

– Multiply the benefits of ice baths and breathwork with the energy of a group

Session Duration:

– One-on-One: 30 minutes of breathwork + 15 minutes of ice bath (45 minutes total)

– Group: 30 minutes of breathwork + 30 minutes of shared ice bath experiences (60 minutes total)

Elevate your physical vitality and mental fortitude with us. Embrace the cold, harness your breath, and unlock a new level of personal potential. Book your session today and step into a space where transformation begins with a single breath and a plunge into rejuvenation.

150 €- for max 2 pax 
200 € – for 4 pax 
280 € up to 6 pax 

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