• yoga tarining

    Beginner Guide to the different styles of YOGA

    It’s always good to try different styles of yoga to find out what suits the person best. Delve deeper into these carefully chosen 11 different styles of YOGA for beginners and pick out the one which appeals to you the most.  Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is considered the most basic and general form of Yoga. […]

  • alternative healing methods by ayanation

    Holistic Healing

     “Healing demands you to discern your emotions, concede, your ego props up a story and, your soul certainly has the capacity to triumph it all.” Wendy De Rosa Some people look sturdy and hefty to you and you think that they have never been into trouble? No, they actually healed and their troubles made them. […]

  • Misconceptions People Have About Meditation

    Although there are many benefits of meditation, still many misconceptions have emerged regarding meditation. People know about the stereotypes of meditation but have fabricated unbelievable myths. Meditation has been proven to reduce chronic pain, relief from stress, and heal spiritually. There are many misconceptions circulating around the world about meditation. The most common of which […]

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