Misconceptions People Have About Meditation

Although there are many benefits of meditation, still many misconceptions have emerged regarding meditation. People know about the stereotypes of meditation but have fabricated unbelievable myths. Meditation has been proven to reduce chronic pain, relief from stress, and heal spiritually.

There are many misconceptions circulating around the world about meditation. The most common of which are the following:

1. Meditation is just an exercise for staying physically passive

Yes, such people do exist. Some say that meditation is a part of the lifestyle, which is valid to some extent. But it’s not about the lifestyle; it is about the mental and physical healing, seeing things positively, focusing on our breath, and connecting from the higher self.

The Actual Definition of Meditation: Meditation is the practice of paying attention to something; either it is religious, spiritual, or physical. Meditation practice focuses on awareness and training about your life experience, thus providing you with inner calm and peace.

The goal of Meditation: The purpose of meditation is to recognize inner harmony and conscience. Meditation de-clutters negative thoughts from our mind and synchronizes it that leads to deeper awareness from our inner self.

2. Meditation is of only one type:

There’s a myth that meditation is just a one-way practice. It is totally wrong. There are many types and styles of meditation which provide different benefits and help entangle your senses from depressing thoughts.

Types of Meditation: If we explore the meditation types, there would be hundreds of types which are practiced by different cultures and traditions. Let’s have a look at some styles of meditation:

Guided Meditation: In this type, a teacher or an instructor guides multiple participants with meditation. You just have to imagine a beautiful view in your imagination to stay focused. Some instructors call it guided imagery.

Singing Bowls: This meditation has been used by Buddhist Monks for thousands of years. In Singing Bowls meditation, a bell, by ringing, produces an enchanting and sweet tune. It helps to improve immunity, awakens and cleanses chakras, and clarifies the mind.

Walking & Breath Meditation: Breath meditation involves paying attention to each exhale and inhale. Walking meditation consists in paying attention to your footsteps while walking with all your senses.

3. Meditation is all about fighting our thoughts:

The biggest advantage of meditation is learning your inner awareness. Fighting your thoughts is just one aspect of meditation. It cleanses our soul, purifies chakra, and connects us with the Universe.

Our Favorite Meditation

For me, the most reliable and authentic meditation is “guided meditation.” A trained meditation instructor has the ability to keep your mind centered and focused. All you have to do is to learn how your teacher meditates. You can pay attention to your breath, imagine beautiful scenery, perform breath meditation as well, and find a hailed way to kick away your crazy thoughts.

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