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When being imprinted by and living in a Western society – which is the only I can surely speak of – you have learned to be holding yourself back, whilst making sure, that you are being seen for that next promotion, more followers, bigger impact … you name it. 

Which creates a certain distraction within your soul.  

On one hand as a child, we are being taught: ‘don’t be too loud, give others space, keep a distance, remain respectful, let them finish their sentences, sit still, don’t sing’, and so on.  All great and well-mannered behavior for certain circumstances. But here comes the twist, when  later in life, we are increasingly being asked to score that job, make more friends, gather more  impact, and again create more followers, in order to take our place in society at the upscale of  the food chain – which is where eventually all of us strive to be. A reinforced behavior that is the opposite to our initial teachings, especially when we are trained through various modern (often disguised as mindfulness and emotional intelligence) techniques to make sure, that we stand out, no matter what others do.  

NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS DO! – equals: not noticing them and their needs to an extent, that  we can blend them out, in order to step over them (agree to disagree), in case they are in our way. And let’s face it, as soon as we engage into a new project or business, woooops there are so many who are in our way / suddenly seem to do the same what you do. 

How do we react then? We either shy back and question our own abilities, or disregard of their  abilities and become a little cocky! 

Mind bubbles would go like this now: ‘Naaahhh, now SHE is ALSO doing that? Who does she think  she is?! Just because she read three books on that topic now! Just because she is older than me and has  children! What she can do, I can do better!’ Followed by: Unfriend- or -mute- or jealousy peaks into their Instagram, every now and then, raising that personal insecurity only more. 

Whenever we engage in stepping back because we feel intimidated, or pushing over, because we beat our insecurities with arrogance, our soul experiences yet another tiny fracture, which  makes it harder and harder to feel whole. We react by implementing new coping strategies, and  we all know these are rarely healthy. 

Let me tell you one thing. That behavior is natural.  

It is hard to stay connected when we are not in full trust with our own uniqueness and abilities.  And it is hard to be in full trust because our societies are not built to create wholeness. Neither  were our parents or school system prepared to do this job. It’s ours and ours alone. 

The good news is, our world, mother nature, the biochemical mechanisms underlying our thought- and emotional patterns, our physical and spiritual body is whole. It is Wholeness in the deepest sense of the word. Also known as homoeostasis. Or  interconnection. Or symbiosis. 

All is connected and that is what makes it whole

What can you do then?

Wholeness is the essence of being and becoming.

It means that we are born capable and perfect. But we are also born to expand and the more we expand, the more capability we need to achieve (which always happens on the base of perfection). The state you are in is in fact perfect for where you are at. You have risen your capability according to your growth. Now if you want a faster growth, learn more, be more open, intake as much as you can process, without exceeding your levels of energy.
1. Use your voice. It’s your unique frequency, and when you speak from the heart and in alignment with your soul’s longing (you find out by understanding the intention of your words), you speak TRUTH and WISDOM.
2. Use your body. How do you think you can expand energetically, when you don’t even make fully use of the vessel that gives room for your soul and energetic center, here on earth?! Us it more freely. When you want to dance, dance. When you feel like singing, sing.
3. Dress according to how you wish to be seen that day. You want to connect? Let them SEE YOU. You feel happy? How about some colors? You are in full focus: dark blue meets white and black. Wow!
4. Nourish your body with essence, not with consumption. People are an essence to us. Their connection is highly nutritional, their touch, their words.
5. Read. Cook. Enjoy. Words of wisdom are an essence to conscious growth. Natural home cooked foods are. Walks. Art. You get the drift? And when you consume, make sure you filter the essence from the consumption. Let things MOVE you! Mentally, physically, emotionally. Let them unfold their impact on you.
6. Laugh as often as you can. Smile with your eyes at strangers. Say thank you. Say ‘You are welcome’. Connect and yet remain in integrity and trust in your own powers, strategies, capabilities. They will grow with you. They will sharpen, no matter what. But they will be visible only when you get into conscious connection with yourself and others -outside of judgement and including feeling worthy and truthful and beautiful. Like all those we admire and despise of….

At the end of every Kundalini Yoga class, we speak the words Sat Nam. Loosely it means ‘I see – the true- you’.

But I can only do so, when you truly show yourselves to me – and vice versa.


By Esther Seibt

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