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High Frequency Coaching
Meditation, Sound, Yoga
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    FREE YOURSELF - On Camera Training
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    220.00 2 hours

    CAMERA TRAINING SESSION for healers, Yogis, professionals and all service which have to go from off- to online!


    *You are a yoga teacher, coach or business owner and you know how to work with your clients, you cherish personal connection and love your job as is.

    *Suddenly there is a camera and all seems to change. You don’t seem to feel confident anymore, you lost your spark, your wit, your joy. You lack focus and worry about your outcome. Just because you now have to do it online, have no-one to interact with and cannot pick up on the group energy.



    🌎Do you wish to uplevel your company’s online output or online teachings?

    🌎Do you wish to get rid of any insecurities arising around having to perform live or in front of camera?

    🌎Do you suddenly lack confidence, eloquence, joy or wit and can’t get over it?

    ⚡️I am offering in person and online camera trainings for all who wish to uplevel their online performances, teachings and recordings.

    If it is for clients or group classes, 

    video recordings or live performances. 


    *for all who wish to get a small introduction into microphone & camera training.

    *I give you tips and tricks how to deal with the technical side of the equipment and your nervousness

    *we discuss thought patterns around releasing tension that blocks your joy, wit and mental sharpness

    *we discuss how to overcome hindering perfectionism and tap into a natural flow of thought, word, soul and body alignment

    *you will receive tips on how to lower your voice, catch your breath, take up your space and time without getting insecure about it

    *I answer your questions on how to deal with audiences you cannot interact with

    …And whatever else I have to pass on.


    This is my offer to you. 🌱

    Reach out if you wish to book me for your Yoga Studio, teams, colleagues or personal interest. ✌🏻

    Soon I will also launch an on demand DIY set for your confidence on screen. 

    Use my experience collected in over 30 years in front of camera, In studios producing and performing, on stages big and small, 

    speaking and singing, 

    doing yoga and playing instruments, 

    leading people far older and far younger than me, 

    on film, live, with script and without, 

    Prepared and unprepared,

    you name it. 



    Don’t be shy to share your true needs and use me and this offer for your personal growth and for MORE JOY in what you love to do anyways – I may not have all the answers or for everything, but I am pretty sure I can give you a good head start to overcome the stiffening insecurities most of us (me too) know and want to get rid of. 


    by Esther Seibt 

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    High Frequency Coaching
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    200.00 2 hours

    High Frequency Coaching

    In this online coaching session you will receive

    *tools, *meditations, *mental and behavioral support to find solutions to the area you seek to expand, release or transform.

    I will make sure to attack the root of the issue and help you build a plan you can follow through, taking into consideration your life circumstances and choices.

    Together we will create a plan you can set into action to live a life of ease, joy and abundance. 

    If it is concerning a *job change, *trauma release, *anxieties, or *basic frustrations in your daily life, or if you need *assistance to follow through with your workload without burning out, or even when the *burn-out has already set into place yet – there is always release.

    I work with all tools necessary, you can wish for specific practices out of my toolbox.

    I am an ICF accredited coach and work under regulations and ethical codes of the ICF.

    As a Yogi and spiritual being I will listen to all and judge none. You are your own release and we will unlock your full potential together. 

    Sessions are between 60 -120 minutes long.

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    190.00 60 minutes

    Raise your frequencies and assist your body in letting go, cleansing out and healing itself.

    Support and open your chakras, calm your nervous system, balance your biochemical transmission, recreate a status of harmony between all subtle bodies and the physical world, align body, mind and spirit and bring your focus back to a positive mind-set.

    In this HEALING SESSION we will work with tools from High Energy Healing on the base of the Board of Angels and Board of Knowledge, we work with the high vibrational energies of the singing crystal bowls, mantras and chakra clearing techniques, we will work with hypnotic meditations and dream journaling.

    In person or online.

    I am trained and certified in all the listed above. I work under the ethical code of the ICF and and the KRI Yoga statutes.

    Together we will evaluate your needs and you will receive a detailed plan for follow up exercises how to continue the process on your own and support your body on.


  • Performance-, mental & holistic life coach
  • Kundalini Yoga teacher and meditation trainer, breath work & celestial communications
  • voice & vocal works, mantra chants, healing of the feminine voice embodiment
  • healing Crystal Bowl Soundbaths
  • raising the frequencies through techniques from systemic coaching, Yoga, mindfulness, performance & mental empowering
  • Energy Healing with the Board of Angles & Board of Knowledge 1&2
  • Find Your Voice, get yourself be heated, conscious communication training
  • Inner Guidance Work – be guided by your inner compass, balance your chi and shin out, know your purpose and intentions, find inner focus and overcome trauma & fear
  • stage and camera training for all holistic workers and speakers, On Camera & performance training for people in the holistic fields, teachers, speakers, healers…
  • Wholeness Trainings
  • Spiritual Guidance & existential questions for a better life
  • Cacao Ceremonies, Chakra Dance, Retreats

‘A river rises from the middle.’

A life of abundance is not reserved for a few. The basics are honesty with oneself, courage to change and to find the right key for it. This is where I help. 


+ Systemic coach

+ more than 25yrs of acting, speaking and singing in front of camera, studio work, stage and live performances ( actor, singer, speaker, dancer, opera singer, micro mimics, body language…)

+ certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, meditation, breathwork

+ certified in the Board of Angels and Board of Knowledge energy work, dream travels

+ Celestial Communications by Adarsh Kaur

+ Business Psychology studies

+ writer, songwriter, music production

Sources of inspiration are Ram Dass, Katie Byron, Dr. Joe Dispenza and others.

  • SHORT:
    Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
    Professional Singer
    Trained with crystal bowls/sound instruments
    Certified Systemic Coach
    Certified Energy Healer

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