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The womb can hold trauma, pain and suppressed emotions and it can become a heavy space within us when we allow these energetic blocks to build up. Over time the energy in our womb can become stagnant which can then manifest in the physical body as an ailment, pain or imbalance. I believe this is why we are hearing about so many issues coming up in the womb space for women right now. I choose to see this as a wake up call from the womb, as if she is calling us to remember her wisdom and her power. As if she is calling us home to really be with ourselves and our divine feminine essence as this is where we can truly thrive.

Furthermore, any blocks held in the womb can also root beyond our own experiences as we can carry the collective feminine wounds, the wounds of our ancestors and the wounds of Mother Earth. Once we begin doing the work and connecting to our sacred womb space, shifts can happen so rapidly than span over many timelines and create ripples far and wide through our family lines and the world. To bring the incredible power and divine consciousness of the womb to light as this powerful place within us that has been suppressed for too long is a very personal passion I hold dear. It is time to remember our truth.

For the womb holds the key to reawaken us to our deep feminine power and bring us home to ourselves. Each session is your own healing + clearing ceremony devoted to you and your sacred womb space. Finishing with a womb blessing.

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