60 min multidimensional energy healing session 1:1

This remote energy healing process acts as an etheric surgery.

It consists in opening a person’s energetic field through the connection to the living God Source which is telepathically communicating with us through the plasma in our nervous system. In this process I access your higher self frequency self, the REAL YOU, beneath your conditioned self. 

This allows me to identify and clear at cellular level:

-limiting mind programs

– ancestral, past lives or this lifetime trauma imprints from your DNA

– entities attachments 

– implants 

After extracting your inorganic energy patterns I activate your organic ones which are vital to embody in your life because they hold the information of:

Your unique gifts, talents, masculine and feminine expressions, purpose and mission. After I activate your organic energy blueprints they will start gradually generating energy and manifesting shifts in your life.

In order to experience any shifts in our lives we must heal the energetic system first because everything is first in energy form

Your benefits from this work are:

 – identify and align with your mission, 

– manifesting abundance

– emotional authentic expression, 

– aligned relationships

– sharpening your spiritual connection and intuition 

– mental clarity 

– physical and emotional pain release

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2 reviews for 60 min multidimensional energy healing session 1:1

  1. Silvana Fay

    I came to Corina in need of realignment and guidance towards my energy, as I had been feeling depressed and depleted for months. I honestly didn’t expect her to be so incredibly in tune with my aura and experiences, and I quickly realized that even across the globe she was accessing important parts of me. She guided me through blockages and helped ground me after the blockages were moving and cleared. It literally gave me chills. She uses all sorts of techniques to search for that one area that needs attention, and then honed in on its intricacies. I loved it, I needed it, and I healed from it. I can’t wait to schedule with her again. If you need any grounding, guidance, refreshment – really anything involving energy adjustments – Corina is your girl. She’s amazing!

  2. Sarah Moritz

    Through Corina’s embodiment of grace, her vigorous dedication to truth and devotion to source she is able to remind you of your innate power. Her energetic work takes its effects beyond the session and activates your spiritual powers and inner wisdom.
    I felt how certain areas of my body cleared and opened up as I witnessed how my cells started to remember the truth of who I truly am to take the next steps on my journey.

    Corina has a unique talent of seeing, translating, clearing and activating multidimensional information of your unique soul essence.
    This work goes to the root of our blockages and shadows so that you can finally peal away hose layers of illusion.
    This is the most important work you can do right now, for yourself and the collective.
    Don’t hesitate to book a session with her.

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