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    290.00 2 hours
    • WHEN: 2 h at the comfort of your house or place I choose
    • FOR : groups till 10 people. For bigger groups the price changes.
    • CONTACT:  Ask for more info contact 622710169 or contact@claraviguer.com
    • WHAT: Do you want to have a liberating and empowering experience through art and meditation? Do you know how you can release your burdens though art and remember your true creative and manifesting power while painting? Do you want to have a clear understanding of what the best version of yourself is? Are you tired of feeling stress, anxiety, fear, self doubt, low self esteem, or inner blockages which prevent you from living a meaningful life? Would you like to experience how art can help you in hour healing journey and help you improve your self esteem and your self image?
    • Clara is the creator of “High vibration art” style.  A style where you can access higher states of consciousness and a deeper of understanding of yourself as a spiritual being while you create art.


    • In this session you will experience a 2 hour “high vibration art” painting session with Clara, Creative coach & Spiritual guide to:
    • Release your negative emotions, Know yourself deeper, reconnect with your real identity and acknowledge the more enlightened version of yourself. 
    • You will experience the power of art to imprint your subconscious mind with high vibration information to improve your self image and self esteem.
    • You will know how you can express yourself as a creative being, activate your creative power to manifest the best version of yourself.
    • You will increase your self esteem & empower yourself.
    • You will be able to release stress, anxiety and inner blockages through art.

      Looking forward to hear from you.
      Please write me to set an appointment that suits you best. 

    Expert:  CLARA
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    Cacao Ceremony – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Revered and used for millennia for its healing properties, ceremonial cacao is raw chocolate and so much more.

    A cacao ceremony creates space for transformation and opens us up to love. We come together to share what’s in our hearts and listen to those of others’.

    Each session is tailored to the group and occasion. Meditation, sound therapy and dance are either a dedicated part of the offering or intuitively weaved into the ceremony.

    There’s a whole lot of goodness in cacao – worthy of a research paper, of which there are many. Here’s a snapshot:

    • Serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anadamide help reduce stress, anxiety and the perception of pain, regulate mood and appetite, keep you alert and focused, and produce feelings of excitement, euphoria, bliss and joy 
    • The antioxidants in cacao counteract the damaging effects of oxidation in the cells, helping to prevent the development of chronic disease, as well as reducing blood pressure and the build up of fatty deposits on the artery wall
    • The Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors serve as effective anti-depressants. Cacao detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and it’s an aphrodisiac
    • And, after all that buzz, it’ll even help you sleep better
    Expert:  ISZABEL
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    CACAO CEREMONY – Wednesdays
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    For thousands of years ancient tribes have considered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties.

    Where: hotel zone

    Cacao ceremonies are helpful for getting clarity, setting intentions, and doing healing work & inner-processing. It’s ritual for self renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way.

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    Connecting with your Inner & Outer Nature – Group Session
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    4 hours group session to release & connect

    Nature therapy offers you the opportunity to spend time with yourself and with nature, as well as to create deep connections in your life. Start from where you are and go as far as you want. In my sessions we go out to be in and with nature. It’s about enjoying it.

    We will breathe the fresh forest air and take a break from our stressful city life for a bit. With selected exercises we take the time to experience and observe ourselves. You will be surprised what thoughts arise, what you learn about yourself and what you can learn from nature. Be curious. True experience of nature cannot be described. It can only be experienced. ​

    We first walk through the forest and then stop and stay at a hidden, quiet meadow or at a spot in the forest. ​

    Call it personal development, call it therapy, call it self-awareness, self-exploration and self-reflection, call it healing art. You decide what it is for you.

    “Here it is not important who you are and what you do in normal life. It’s all about yourself and not what others think, say or ask for. The point is that you can just be without having to be someone. It’s about getting back in touch with you and the elements around you in order to find your way back to yourself and your strength.”

    > Connecting with your inner & outer nature
    > Pause your busy everyday life
    > Safe space to experience & share


    • Good shoes & clothing according to the current weather
    • Something to sit on
    • Snacks & enough to drink

    Walking distance: 2x approx. 30 minutes

    Duration: 4h
    Location: Grunewald
    Number of participants: flexible


    I’m very happy to offer you a CUSTOM SESSION for your group. We set a focus of the session together or you let my intuition guide it. We can also do it at a different location, shorter or longer. Let’s discuss!

    Expert:  KAILO
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    Ecstatic Dance – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
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    Iszabel is an Ecstatic Dance DJ who plays internationally. She is available for bespoke sessions for you and your party.

    Ecstatic Dance is a practice like yoga. Some people describe it as a sober rave. It will leave you feeling joyous, connected, and more awake and aware. It works on your health and wellbeing whilst also being a whole lot of fun!

    Iszabel DJs for 2 hours to get you out of the monkey mind and into the innate intelligence of your dancing body. As a former Producer at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, Iszabel knows good music and combines shamanic beats rooted in the Elements with underground club vibes.

    Meditate, get fit, unravel the mystery of life, feel free and powerful – all by dancing to amazing music! 

    Expert:  ISZABEL
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    Gong for your private event 800.00

    Expert:  KONSTANTIN
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    150.00 2 hours

    • WHEN: 2 h at the comfort of your house or place I choose
    • FOR : 1 to 1 = 150€ // groups till 15= 333€.
    • CONTACT: How can I help you? Ask for more info: 622710169 or contact@claraviguer.com
    • WHAT: Are you feeling stuck? Are you tired of feeling stress, anxiety, fear, self doubt, low self esteem, or inner blockages which prevent you from living a joyful and peaceful life ? Have you had a traumatic past experiences and would like to dive deeper into your healing practice? Do you want to experience how art can help you in your healing journey? 
    • Most of the stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and difficult emotions we experience in our daily life come from unhealed trauma and unconscious wounds from our past that have not been healded yet.
    • Being aware of these wounds and being able to understand it from a higher perspective and forgive what happened is the first step to set us free from this lower emotions and be able to live a much more fulfilling life.  
    • In this session you will experience a 2 hour session with Clara Viguer. Creative coach & Spiritual guide to:
    • Know yourself deeper.
    • In this meditation, Clara will guide you into an inner journey so you can connect with the information that you need to release so you can liberate from difficult emotions and reconnect with higher states of inner peace and wellbeing.
    • Then you will be able to create a personal totem with clay to remember this transformative experience.
    • You will have more clarity about yourself.
    • You will understand how to overcome your personal blockages.
    • You will increase your self esteem & empower yourself.
    • You will be able to release stress, anxiety and inner blockages 
    • You will receive an original guided meditation from the book “the radiant woman” recorded by Clara  so you can continue doing the inner work after the session. 
    Expert:  CLARA
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    Rated 0 out of 5
    Come learn how to neurohack your way to more creativity, higher levels or energy or even heal past traumas.
    Neurohacking series
    1 – Know your nervous system
    Come learn how your body functions under        different conditions so you can better understand and train it
    2 – Change your brain’s wiring
    Come find out about psychic imprints and how they mould our brain and create our realities
    3 – The Science of ancestral DNA healing
    Find out more about epigenetics, genomic imprinting and how our environment shapes our biochemistry and our gene production
    4 – The neuroscience of our personalities
    Ever wondered how astrology works and why certain signs have common attributes? Our birth month may have an impact on our personalities.
    5 – Entrepreneurs and microdosing

    Come find out why silicone valley is microdosing with entheogens for flow states and how you can achieve the same without external substances

    Ian Herbert
    Major in biochemistry 
    For over 7 years, Ian has trained doctors and other healthcare professionals in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and medical skincare. After several courses in how to rewire the brain, he now offers workshops on how to change our neurology. 

    2 h or Half Day Workshop

  • 16/01/2023
    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH at startbahn – Berlin
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Let Kim guide you through a deep 90-minute breathwork experience, often described as transformative and awakening. The breathing journey is will be supported by scent and electronic music.

    The location, startbahn, a church in the middle of Neukölln, provides an amazing sound system and ambience.

    Through the art of breathing consciously, psychedelic breathing supports our exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and invites us to look within to find our own wisdom – without requiring mind-altering substances.

    From a scientific perspective, this kind of breathwork supports your resilience via strengthening the autonomous nervous system. It also has several other beneficial effects on the physical, neurological, psychological, and emotional levels.

    PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a powerful breathwork practice that is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high inner eye pressure, detached retina, clinical anxiety or panic attacks, psychosis, a history of stroke, recent surgery (wounds, broken bones still healing).

    By purchasing a ticket you confirm that you are healthy and do not have any of the listed contraindications. If you’re in doubt, please reach out to Kim for a quick consultation.

    Expert:  KIM
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    Sound Healing – for private groups / 1:1 – Ibiza
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Sound Therapy uses specialist instruments played in specific ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Both deeply relaxing and energising, the tonal and rhythmic instruments encourage mindfulness, self-awareness and healing.

    Research has found that sound therapy can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve memory and focus, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, manage pain and boost the immune system.

    The frequencies of the sounds influence frequencies in the brain through a process known as entrainment. This causes an altered state of consciousness, which is similar to meditation or deep relaxation.

    To receive the benefits, all you have to do is lie back and listen to the sounds.

    Iszabel offers the following sessions:

    • Sound Journey

    A meditative sonic meditation with Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and percussion

    • Gong Journey

    A relaxing and immersive meditation working with the therapeutic vibrations of gongs and percussion

    • Sound Journey with Reflection

    A Sound Journey with additional reflective questioning to help you gain insight in a particular area of your life

    • Gong Journey with Reflection

    A Gong Journey with additional reflective questioning to help you go deeper

    • Shamanic Drum Journeys

    I play the drum and help you to go within to find the answers to your questions

    • Literal, Metaphorical and Narrative Soundscapes

    You play the instruments for your own healing, translating a piece of art or an unhelpful belief into sound

    • Immersive Soundscape

    I combine healing instruments with electronic samples and tracks for both a relaxing and invigorating journey

    Expert:  ISZABEL
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    Team Retreat in Nature
    Rated 0 out of 5

    We will be outside, we will be together, we will be present, we will listen, we will get to know more, we will explore, we will have a good time. ​

    A space for slowing down, digital detoxing and connecting for your team.

    > Being in nature to de-stress, refresh & restore
    > Deepening connection within the team
    > Safe space to experience & share
    > Long-lasting impact on team culture

    Customized Time-Out & Team Building
    Going Inwards – Restoring & Refreshing – Connecting

    • Getting out of the daily work routine
    • Refreshing & restoring
    • Improving mental health
    • Building up healthy resilience
    • Strengthening creativity
    • Space for connecting & getting to know each other better on a deeper level​
    • Tailored elements around personal & team well-being
    • Possibility to incorporate specific company or team related topics (e.g. values, ways of working, product ideation etc.)


    In and around Berlin, or anywhere in the world on request.


    Team retreats start from 5 hrs and can last up to several days with nights outdoors or in a fitting accommodation.


    • Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath work & Movement
    • Exercises to connect with nature, oneself & each one of the group
    • Systemic constellations & Social cosmos
    • Silence & silent walks
    • Making fire Cooking together over the open fire
    • Creative process work
    • Sharing & discussion circles

    Let’s discuss a custom offer for your needs – that will have an impact on your team.

    Expert:  KAILO
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    TULUM – CACAO CEREMONY – for your private group
    Rated 0 out of 5

    For thousands of years ancient tribes have considered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties.
    max 5 pax 

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    TULUM – TEMAZCAL – Wednesdays ceremony
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Wednesdays 7pm 

    it is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge ceremony led by a shaman or temazcalero. Some might call it a Mayan sauna.
    Location: hotel zone

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