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Ibiza Spain, Spain

High Performance Coach
Breathwork, Clearing, Coaching
  • Coaching & Breathwork – Tuesday’s – online
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    Leadership Coaching, Breathwork 
    Tuesdays Online at 7 PM 

    Every week we dive into different topics
    to deepen self-realisation & expand the ability to lead oneself!

    The Breathwork helps to create a strong relationship with the unconscious mind & release any tension and stress present in the body & mind. 

    Come together with successful mind-like individuals to dive within and go beyond!
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    Indiginous 1-on-1 Rapéh session
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    The spirit guides

    A 1-1,5 hour deep dive into your inner world.
    To find out what is holding you back in life from being the most authentic strong & beautiful person that you are.

    Allow the spirit of rapéh to Remove blockages from the root, and re-connect to your essence. A strong and grounding practise that can offers change and insight related to your process. 

    A beautiful 1-on-1 deep work session for those who feel the calling.

    + Background information about the Rapéh.
    + Personal Indiginous rapéh serving (huni kuin tribe)
    + Singing bowl sound healing
    + Personal coaching & guidance
    + Aftercare

    *No-previous experience with rapéh needed

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    Stress Releasing Breathwork Session
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    Experience the power of breath!

    “Breathwork helped me to release physical discomfort & mental pressure in the most efficient way”

    What to expect: 

    During this beautiful 1-1,5 hour 1-on-1 breath-work session, you will be guided through the process of circular breathing.

    Oxygenating the body for a long period of time will allow unconscious trauma & stress stored in the body to come to the surface & rejuvenate the cell of the body. 

    In combination with ‘toning’ (making sounds/shouting) & myofascial trigger point massage, deep stress is effectively released from the body restoring relaxation, and mental focus, improving sleep and much more…

    Because the weather in Ibiza is always great we have the option to do the sessions in nature or in the safety of your own home.

    As breath-work reaches more popularity, more and more scientific research is done on its benefits. In short, a must-have healing modality for deep healing & fast recovery.

    After the session, you feel completely regenerated and fully energized again.

    + As a bonus, you will receive an easy-to-do version of this healing modality in your mailbox. So you can experience the benefits even long after the session.

    After the booking, I will contact you asap to make an appointment in person or online. See you soon!

    • no previous experience with breath work is needed.

Niels is a Higher performance coach 

Who teaches about self-leadership.
After experiencing heavy burn-out working in Marketing & Sales In Amsterdam
he decided to flip the script on his life and start his healing journey.
After learning different modalities to heal himself he now aims to help as many individuals 
possible to be healthy high performing individuals in a healthy sustainable way.
Different systems allowed him to recover fast, move to Ibiza, start his own company and started training for 100mile-ultra marathons.
He now coaches Ceo’s on how to achieve more from a relaxed state of being instead of stress & burnout.
On this page, you will find different modalities 
ranging from Eastern & Western methods all for you to enjoy.
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