Receive a profound understanding for your next steps or a depth about you. 

After the reading you will gain depth and insight to your strengths and challenges. With a clear next step
on your path.

Areas we touch upon are 

  • Start of the life (potential)
    – Atmakaraka (Soul path) and Svamsa (important sign for You personally).
  • Mid-life journey – through
    Lagna (Ascendant) and Lagna lord are dealing with life path and which areas we
    are focused on.
  • End of the life – Pada (a
    foot) is a technique where we can see what really makes us happy at the end of
    our journey.

This is just a few examples what we will talk about in a reading.

Reading is done in person in Ibiza or online.

For the reading I need Birth date, time and location.

Reading involves research work before on average of one hour.

Please send me inquiries, I will reply typically within 24h.

About ARE

My name is Are (pronounced Are – uh), I am from Estonia, and have been living in Portugal for
the past few months. The journey to astrology was one that started with some crazy years
of life, leading me to take an in-depth look inside myself and what my purpose was in this
life. Having grown up in a bakery and starting many restaurants of my own, but not finding
my true calling, astrology was the last thing on my mind, having only been exposed to the
watered-down version that popular culture in the “West” feeds the masses. The single
paragraph blurbs in the newspapers and magazines that basically say that we are all so
similar that these generalizations cover who we are… As my travels inward and deeper into
the ancient wisdom of the “East” continued, I discovered the precise and exact science that
is Vedic astrology. Delving deeper into the facts about what the universe had in store for
my life from the beginning and what was to come, everything that had happened and was
happening all began to make perfect sense. The pains, trials, and craziness that had defined
my life at times were all literally written right in front of me, and so was the significant
change that was being created moment by moment in my ever-evolving self. From that
point, in the spring of 2013, I started to seek out experts in this ancient wisdom with only
the purest of intents in their studies and learning everything possible. Now after 11 years
of intensely focused study, I have begun to find joy in sharing my knowledge and passion
with the world, helping friends new and old to experience the same revelations about their
story written in the stars that I did.

After the reading You are getting

  • Recording of the
  • Remedial
    measures for healing planets
  • Birth chart
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