Natal Chart

We are all unique
We all have our birth chart which is calculated knowing the exact day, place and
time of birth.
It’s like taking a photo of the sky at the moment you’re born. From the alignment
of the planets, stars and comets we can get to know ourselves more deeply:
personality, gifts, wounds, talents, a clearer path to explore this life you have been
The energies that make up a person different
from any other.
More than 25,000 years will have to pass for the same alignment of the planets to
be repeated and to get the same astrological chart.
We are all unique, special as light.

Astrology is above all, a tool to know and understand the universal energy climate
that dictates the movement of the cosmos at all times.
It could be said that astrology would be like the meteorology of universal energy:
it gives us a report of the energy climate of the day and we can decide whether to
carry an umbrella or not.

The will and the possibility of choosing depend on how we use what we have:

• On the physical plane we are aware of having the ability to choose. We know
what actions inevitably lead to pain, and if we don’t want to feel pain, we avoid

• On the level of the intangible, these signs are equally inevitable but in a less
obvious way.

Astrology is a means to become aware of that
relationship in the intangible plane with respect to the experience of oneself in
this life.

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