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Ibiza, Spain - & Online

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Personal Development Coach
Healing, Meditation, Yoga
  • 1-1 Coaching Session 150.00


    I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a personal development coach!

    I support women in reconnecting with themselves, build their inner strength as they let go of the conditioning, so they can show up authentically and confidently in all areas of their lives.

    I specialise in:

    – positive psychology
    – Mindset (reprogramming belief system through the subconscious mind)
    – Emotional release
    – Emotional Intelligence
    – Managing emotions (stress, anxiety, burnouts)
    – Mindfulness-meditation practices
    – Inner child and Shadow work
    – Working with Traumas
    – Fostering better habits
    – Build self love, self trust and self confidence

    In my sessions you will experience a variety of tools and techniques; cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness practices, somatic experiences, neuro-linguistic programming!

    Excited to meet you! 

    Please write me to set the best date for your session
    or book directly, and I’ll come back to you within the next few hours.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Personal Development Coach

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a personal development coach. As a mental
health advocate I have dedicated the past decade in studying ancient wisdom, traumas,
positive psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress and anxiety
management, and different tools and ways to support one’s mental and overall well

For the past 5 years I have supported +350 individuals with therapy. I have had the
pleasure to give talks and workshops around the world (New York, Belgium, London,
Barcelona), hosted a Personal development Retreat in Bali, created diverse online
courses (self-esteem, better habits, addictions…) and given workshops to small and
medium sized companies.

My mission is to use my knowledge and my passion and help break mental health
stigma. I strongly believe we can all learn new patterns, new ways of doing things that
will support our growth and wellbeing.
My intentions are to support, guide, and empower others into creating a healthier mental
and emotional state so they can live life with ease.

Field of expertise

– Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
– Positive Psychology
– Emotional Intelligence
– Stress & Anxiety
– Self-esteem and confidence
– Emotional Regulation
– Mindset

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