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Ibiza & Online, Spain

Somatic Sexual Shamanic Healing
Healing, Coaching, Body Treatment
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    Sensual, playful, educative rituals that will help you to re-discover yourself and each-other in a space designed for you to feel safe and open.

    This may include my hand-on work or not.

    Shamanic Sexual Somatic Healing – “a holistic, in-depth system for transformation, which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which we can utilise the natural flow of this energy to provide a valuable framework for sexual wholeness, both in the sense of unraveling sexual “disfunction” and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony, both inner and in our relations.” – International School of Temple Arts.

    We co-create safe space for you to support opening up and meeting yourself and each-other, in a way you havent met yet.
    In this space – all of you is welcomed and you are reminded that you can be just who you are, expressing you light and your dark, your pleasure and your heart breaks.
    I invite all of you to show up and to be meet with love. 

    The transformation can only happen when we drop masks.

    I am happy to share with you the TEACHINGS or/and A TANTRIC BODY WORK

    I offer a 20 min free discovery call where we get chance to connect and share to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

    Min 2h long sessions starts from 200 €/per hour.
    Hands on – on request.

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    Sacred Sexuality online consultation
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    This is an offering to those who are new on their journey with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and want to make first steps – men or women.

    We will take time to hear your needs and desires and I will share my knowledge.
    You will receive tips and reflections and this should give you an idea of what are your next steps to take.

    From there you can inquire into programs I offer (online or in person), jump into tantric, somatic bodywork session with me (Ibiza or Berlin) or keep exploring elsewhere.

    50mins – 100€

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    Sensual women’s, men’s or mixed circle
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    A great experience to have for group of friends who are looking to spice things up and meet deeper one-another. This is a well held, playful and exciting circle where our sensuality and sex related topics are welcomed, simply as a part of who we are as human beings. 

    I will guide you in smooth way and make it easy for you to talk about so called “taboo”. How? 
    Book a free discovery call with me to explore :)

    Up to 10ppl – 280€
    10-20ppl – 350€
    20+ – on request

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    Sexuality mentorship – 75min session
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    Sexuality can be a very taboo and a confusing topic for many of us.

    We live in a society that do not promote sex education, neither to share about it with our fellow humans. Hence it becomes hidden, often unhealthy and distorted.

    I understand it, I have went through it by myself and now I am happy to share with you what I have learned. I provide a trauma informed space for you to dive deep into your sexuality, unshame it and befriend it. This can be incredible liberating!
    From there you can create a health sexual relationships. Custom made programs available.

    For men and women.
    I offer a 20 min free discovery call where we get chance to connect and share to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

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    Tantra for MEN, somatic hands-on session – Ibiza
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    Combining all the tools and knowledge I have (see my bio for more details)  I offer men’s work, addressing topics that are common for men and their sexuality as well as offer bodywork that will take you deeper into your body, presence and freedom.

    Custom made programs on request.

     In order to book a session a request a free 20 min connection call to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

    Individual session 1,5h – 350

    Online consultation 50mins – 90€

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    Trauma-Informed coaching session
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    Feeling confused and overwhelmed, not knowing how to live a fulfilling, healthy life?

    Maybe being too much in your head and the body feels neglected?

    Struggle to have healthy relationships, feeling rejected, lonely or getting triggered a lot? 

    Or simply you want somebody to guide you, to lean on, so you can show up more fully for what is needed?

    The this coaching session may be for you!

    We focus on connecting the somatic intelligence of the body and nervous system, so you can take the most healthy and aligned steps in your life.

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    WOMEN tantric, somatic hands-on session – Ibiza
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    Empowerment, reconnection with the womb, yoni (vagina), breasts, emotional healing, shamanic tools, embodiment practices, masculine polarity integration
    as well as deep feminine mysteries and initiations are the field of my work. 

    I offer 1:1 sessions, body work,

    lead groups, workshops and circles.

    I offer a 30 min free discovery call where we get chance to connect and share to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

    Hands-on session – min 2h and and 280€

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    Yoni or Lingam massage class – Ibiza
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    For those who want to up-level intimacy and pleasure in their relationships I offer this 2-3h class, where I teach your partner to serve you a sensual massage, focused on all body and genitals. This can be a beautiful deepening and re-igniting of the fire between you.

    I offer a 20 min free discovery call where we get chance to connect and share to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. Please write me. 

Hi! I am a trauma-informed embodiment guide and tantric bodyworker, supporting you on your journey to freedom, embodied presence and erotic innocence.

She spent 5 years immersed in studies at various modern-day mystery schools dedicated to Soul initiation, cosmology, and mysteries of the feminine and temple culture.

My unique approach blends trauma-informed modalities with initiatory, transformational fire. I am passionate about breaking taboos, intelligence of the body and ecstatic human nature. What I offer comes as a synthesis of a decade of seeking, healing and studying, transforming her own life at first – from trauma and disconnection to trust and pleasure.

Currently based in Ibiza, working with women, men and couples, teaching workshops and private retreats, online and in person.

Berlin – on request.

Free 20mins. connection call available to whoever is interested to work with me.

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