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    Experience the power of purification from the simplicity of your own home for 10 days with our “Step by Step” Seasonal Detoxifying and Rejuvenating program for the body, mind & consciousness with Ayurveda. 

    The Power of Detoxing Cleansing
    is an essential aspect of maintaining physical and mental well-being and increasing longevity. Our bodies have natural detoxification pathways, but with the increased toxic exposure we face on a day to day basis, it’s important to implement practices to clear any stagnancy and toxins.     

    Benefits of this Cleanse 
    Boost Energy Levels. The sluggish feeling we get during the day can be the result of excess toxins in the body.
    Boost Energy Levels 
    Reduces Inflammation 
    Promote Healthy Skin and Hair 
    Strengthen the Immune System 
    Improved Digestion, Sleep, Appetite and Mood 

    Included in this Course
    Detailed instructions on how to use your at home Panchakarma Program with a daily schedule and recommended practices including meditation and yoga, asana practices, herbal formulas, teas and tonics to rekindle the fire of Agni (digestion) as well as LilyPod’s unique Kitchari recipe. 
    You will receive 4 different special for detox invented professional yoga videos with Liliana.
    Access to daily meditations (via Gmail drive) 
    Liliana’s recipe online book CUCINA CURATIVA   
    Daily check up by Liliana via WhatsApp

    Note: One can use Panchakarma (PK) as a periodic preventative measure, to reverse any buildup of toxins (ama), and to help deal with specific health problems. It is recommended to do as often as you feel you need a boost of vitality / energy in your life or according to the shifts in seasons!

    0 out of 5
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