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Osteopathy & Family Constellations
Clearing, Healing
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    Individual Constellation
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     Individual Constellation (includes the integration session)

     “The recognition and integration of our roots puts us in touch with the strength of the family tree that continues alive generation after generation.

     Despite our history and our difficulties in dealing with certain situations, our roots support us, nurture us and help us take our place in life, being able, sometimes heroically, to develop freely by writing our own history.

     Thanks to this work through the Family Constellations, we managed to heal and transcend, honoring those who were, who they are, who we are”

     🌿 What issues can we work with Family Constellations?

     🌱 Position myself in Life

     -What is my place in life?

     -What is my path?

     How do I stop being divided?

     🌱Difficulties towards the Couple

     -Find a partner

     -Close relationships

     -Availability / Non-availability in the couple

     -Troublesome dynamics

     🌱Health and Disease Topics

     – Any type of Pathology, Pain

     – Cancer

     – Addictions

     – Autoimmune diseases

     – …

     🌱Family Relations

     – Messy links

     – Repetitive situations

     – Unprocessed duels

     – Behavior patterns

     🌱Maternity / paternity issues

     🌱Working world




     🌱 Insecurities, fears…

     🌱Economic Affairs

     -Blocks and dynamics in relation to money

     🌱 Etc.

    Please write me before boooking to make an apointment with me. 
    Thank you 

I have been working as a therapist for more than 10 years. Thanks to my professional and
personal journey, I  had the possibility of accompanying each person and helping them in their
evolution process. Currently I facilitates Family Constellations Workshops and Trainings in Ibiza
where I live. I also accompany people in individual therapy.

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