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    Learn how to optimal healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

    The Power of Marma Marmas are integral to all Ayurvedic therapies from simple self-treatments to complex clinical procedures. They form one of the main pillars of Ayurvedic thought and practice. Marmas are also an important aspect of the science of Yoga, with which Ayurveda is closely connected. Yoga not only has a sophisticated system of physical postures, it also recognizes the power of Prana or the life-force, which is reflected through the marma points on the surface of the body. An understanding of marmas can add greater efficacy to any level or type of yoga practice whether using the body, the breath or the mind.   

    Marmas are part of a greater ‘sacred physiology’ that maps out the body according to subtle energy currents and power points. The body has its own special sacred points just as the Earth has its sacred sites and energy currents according to sacred geography. We must learn this sacred geography of our own body in order to attune ourselves both to the Earth and to the greater cosmos.   In this course you will learn some fundamentals of the Ayurvedic system of healing and Marma therapy, its methods through massage, aromatherapy and pranic healing, how to protect these powerful points through the use of mantra, visualization and meditation as well as emotions associated with particular organs and their respective Marma points.

    WHAT – WHEN 

    A MARMA study manual  A Consultation call with Lilamaya. Scheduled after booking.  
    Tutorial Video of an entire Marma Point Therapy
    Sequence with step by step guidance on how to apply to clients. 

    A certificate for Marma Point Therapy will be issued by LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda School. Experience the energetic pathways of Marma points therapy now. 
    MARMA THERAPY (study at your own pace course)

    What is Included in this Course:
    * A MARMA study manual in PDF form which will be downloadable after you have purchased the course.
    * A Consultation call with Lilamaya
    * Once finished studying the manual, you will receive the tutorial Video of the entire Marma Point Therapy Sequence with step by step guidance ~ instructions on how to apply it to clients.
    * Follow by: Practice, practice, practice at your own pace.
    * You are asked to record / log min 10 practice sessions with your comments and observations where you apply the sequence to clients.
    * Once you feel comfortable giving the treatment, you make a video of you giving a session to a client,
    * then send it to me for review. if all ok….
    * A certificate for Marma Point Therapy will be issued by LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda School and mailed to you.

    Expert:  LILIMAYA
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    Online Kundalini through the Chakras Workbook
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    I am inviting you to a 7-week journey through the chakras. Deep dive into your energy! We will share a sacred space and connect to the teachings of Kundalini working through the body, bringing in meditation and mantra for the mind. You will gain a deeper relationship with how you connect to yourself and your spirituality through the exploration of your own energy. To get a real felt sense of the chakras within you – allowing you to know your true self and gain clarity in your direction and purpose.

    “Victoria is an absolute blessing herself, a joy to know her ! This course came at a time when I really felt the calling and was able to say YES to myself and I am so glad I did , I was able to gain so much insight into the person that I know I am and find deep joy , acceptance and compassion in these practices, I know this will support me now and Read more about review stating Ruthin the future. Victoria has created a safe space and community that holds you warmly while you spend time exploring your inner self xx I cannot recommend highly enough”
    “This is an eye-opening Chakra course, I learned a lot about myself. Victoria is a great teacher with a huge knowledge in what she teach. I Loved everything about this course!” Camilla 

    Expert:  VICTORIA
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    Personalized Ayurvedic ABHYANGA SELF-MASSAGE Workshop
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    2h customized WORKSHOP

    face-to-face in Ibiza and Online prior appointment


    Knowledge and exploration of one’s own body strengthen connections between perception, understanding and healing.

    Improve the quality of your life. Solve digestive problems, heaviness, slow circulation, chronic headache, shoulder and neck pain, tiredness and fatigue.

    The daily practice of Self Massage with Oils adapts perfectly to your times, to the seasons and to the physical and emotional moment that you are living. Learn to connect with your body by giving yourself listening and healing the chronic symptoms that bother your day to day.

    Expert:  TIZIANA
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