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    AKASHIC SOUL CHART (your Ikigai & Galactic Origins)
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    This is a gift you give yourself, as it is designed to give you a deep understanding of WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU COME FROM AS AN STAR SEED, WHO ARE YOUR GALACTIC FAMILIES… In fact, it RE-CONNECTS YOU WITH YOUR INNER SELF. Knowing your Past makes you understand and manifest your Present, as well as project yourself more aligned towards the conveniences for your Future.


    • 2h Akashic Records Reading where we will channel your IKIGAI (Purpose of Life) plus those issues, situations, symptoms, beliefs, limiting patterns, relations, economy, home… that occur in your daily life and that you choose to work on, transcend and heal. Healing with the Akashic Doctors included.
    • +Radiesthesia Work with Crystal Pendulums, where we will determine your Galactic Origins & Soul Family, the highest Challenges and Learnings that you came to carry out in this incarnation, mission, among others.

    WHAT WILL YOU GET AFTER THE SESSION?  The creation of Your SOUL CHART! consisting of:

    • Audio of the 2h Akashic Records Reading +IKIGAI
    • Personalized Written Document & Audio of 20min interpretive of the same, fruit of the work carried out with the Pendulums


    • Understanding what is happening in your life
    • Convenient practical guidelines to follow to line up on your path
    • Clarity, direction and focus in your doing
    • Cosmological contectualization of your present moment
    • Deprogramming and Healing of Transgenerational and Past Lifes
    • Improvement of your Well-Being and Health

    About Cristina…

    I am passionate about offering Guide and Accompaniments of Life from an approach where Modern Psychology joins with Spirituality in a practical way to achieve the maximum potential, Well-being and Health in our day to day.

    After years of personal introspection work, I have been training in those disciplines that personally supported me and continue to support me on my path of growth, which I want to share with you in the sessions. Some of these are Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Channeling and Akashic Records Readings, Akashic Doctors/Astral Surgery, Hebrew Pendulum and Ankh Cross.

    Expert:  CRISTINA
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