Somatic Bodywork

A deep journey to transform from within

By combining massage and other manual techniques these sessions will support you in releasing unlocking liberating, and opening parts of your body that feel tense or blocked and condition your whole well-being. Often such blockages are built over years and manifest as muscular tension, chronic pain, or anxiety and as a defense/coping mechanism because of trauma, emotional pressure, and stress that emerged from one’s past damaging experiences.

The aim of this work is to unblock pathways throughout the body for the free movement of energy. By freeing up muscular constriction, energy moves and blockages associated with this muscular tension or unpleasant body/mind condition get released.

Paying extra attention to relaxing you in a safe and cozy environment with a full body massage first, I start then releasing the belt of tension in your body in a systematic way moving from the top down working on specific areas with your guidance and encouraging you to be present with your breath and the sound of your voice. In this setting, your body will free up, express and liberate whatever story needs to be released and let go.

With my multiple-session offering, I pledge to support you in deepening your bodily awareness in a safe and trusting environment while creating an opportunity for a deep and healing transformation from within.

Come exactly as you are as I guide you on your journey of ultimate surrender and inner liberation.

Structure of each session:

  • neck & shoulder release – a deep massage of the tissues to begin liberating your mind and open the flow of energy into the body –

  • spine release – unlocking tensions along the spine to let go of what holds your back in tension –

  • pelvic release – unveiling the center responsible for our sexuality, pleasure, sense of belonging, and security. Letting fears, shame, and anger emerge and get released –

    Although a structure is followed, every session will feel different depending on which part of the body is requiring attention at the given moment.

    It is important to reserve time for integration after leaving the studio. Time for non-doing to let the work settle gently throughout the body.

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