Pelvic Healing

Working on the pelvic area means bringing attention and care to our body center. In this area reside a wide range of very important muscles that sustain and protect our genital and reproductive organs and other very important ones i.e. bladder, urethra, large intestine, rectum, and anus.

The pelvic floor muscles are the ones to tense throughout our life when we feel under stress or even worse when we experience traumatic experiences.

Having a tense pelvic floor (or pelvic diaphragm) is very common in our times but little care or attention is given since it would require a lot of time and patience in order to listen to what this body part has to tell us or show us. In our society, everything is fast so we rather are taking tablets, live in chronic pain, or worse not feel anything.

Yoga and Tantra traditions, both based on energy work (and emotions are energy!) locate the most important and most vital energy center/chakra at the base of the pelvis.

An energetic center related to our sexuality, pleasure, sense of belonging, and security. As well as related to our fears, shame, and anger.

There is indeed a lot that our pelvic muscles can store, tell, or even numb and this can create cycles of chronic pain or even numbness and absence of feelings in our sexual life.

Working with care and love on this body part can be life-changing and very supportive of our well-being because it aims to release whatever story your body has to tell to be expressed, released, and integrated.

Sessions can include the healing of the genital area by applying gentle pressure around the sexual organs. This is the most complete way to release and heal the pelvic area and it is not a stimulating or erotic massage.

The whole work is done at a very slow pace while breathing consciously. Both elements are at the core of a modality based on gentleness and awareness. Short guided meditations are the door that opens a journey to yourself and your deepest emotions.
Pelvic Healing
2 hrs 140 EUR
Pelvic with intimate area healing
2,5 hrs
200 EUR

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