Energy Work - 45 Min - Ayanation

Energy Work - 45 Min

45 Min
Rei-ki (Japanese) means universal life energy.

Everyone has this universal life force flowing within them. Often, stress, illness, or sensory overload cause energy blockages within the body. This weakens us and can lead to various negative responses on our physical self and on emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is the practice of calm and concentrated touching where hands are laid gently over the receivers clothed body and visualisation techniques are used to access universal healing energy. It is generally applied to the 7 main Chakras (energy nodes along the body). The objective of a Reiki treatment is to improve and increase the flow of universal life energy. Fear and blockages can be resolved and the immune system stimulated for healing. The treatment encourages a deep relaxation on all levels. The intension is for the overall improvement of the receivers well-being and can feel as refreshing as having had a long, deep sleep.

Our premises are 5 min away from Ostkreuz, in the beautiful Kaskelkiez Area




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