Biofeedback & Healing Session + online follow-up (90-110 min altogether)

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I respond with the tools I have built over the past 12 years. My medicine is a combination of technology & intuitive skills in channelling, distant healing. 

Homeopathy is the core of my work. It is a completely stand alone medicine system. I have trained for 5  years in that field only. 

Bioresonance is technology in service of humanity at its best. The system I use relies on the voice as the  carrier of all body systems information. My clients download an app through which I send them a completely  bespoke track .

With my treatment, you eat vibration in the form of homeopathic medicine, you listen to vibrational frequencies thanks to the bespoke biofeedback track & you receive also through the Blue Light therapy & also distant healing is offered as and if needed. 

Beside getting rid of the symptoms, I help you develop your self healing power, your clairvoyance, clairsentience & most importantly trust in yourself & the energy that animates you.

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2 reviews for Biofeedback & Healing Session + online follow-up (90-110 min altogether)

  1. L.Y (verified owner)

    I feel so fortunate to have siriya in my life. She gives thoughtful and meaningful feedback, and is able to see the most important parts of an issue to talk through. A wonderful and skilled therapist and confidante.

  2. A.Q (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with my experience with siriya she is understanding, compassionate and respectful of my feelings. I’m so beyond thankful for her!!

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