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    NeuroGraphic Art Channeling Session – 2 h
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    “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” P.Picasso

    The Neurographica method is based on the practice of drawing, coupled with the intention of the one who is creating the picture in order to express their feelings and emotions through the drawing.

    Neurographica is about breaking patterns. We are finding new solutions, finding organic ways to release outdated patterns in our lives.

    We use Neurographica to balance our mind and inspire creativity and imagination.

    The most important about this magical tool is that it unblocks the artist inside of you and that huge potential of creativity that everybody has.

    Our biggest limitations in life are in our thinking. NeuroGraphica brakes those limitations and changes our life in a very positive way.

    NeuroGraphica is very easy way to go through difficult situations, hidden feelings or obstacles. It helps you to transform them into an inspiration, a motivation, a satisfaction or simply into a real positive change in life. 

    Thanks to drawing NeuroLines and some figures, we are creating new Neuro paths and connections in our brain. These new connections are the main reason of the changes brought by this art.

    As I am a channeller, during the session I will receive messages for you.

    Besides all the benefits of this practice you will have an amazing piece of art created by you, which you can frame or make an enlarged print of.  

    This method changed my life. I love it so much and I wish everybody to be a creator of your  own life just by drawing it.

    In a soft and gentle way I will guide you through your transformation in this Art form and channel the messages  for you.

    Duration: 2 hours

    Expert:  ANANDA LOKA
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    The Full 360° Happy Career Assessment
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    Do you want to change careers but are not sure what to do next?

    Do you doubt yourself and want to be more confident?

    Are you  ready to take action but don’t know how?

    The 360° Degree Assessment helps you to   

    • Understand your situation
    • Build up confidence by connecting to your true strengths
    • Craft a Vision for the future
    • Define attainable action steps to move on fast

    It works, fast and simple:

    1. Contact me here and describe briefly:  The Situation you are in and the situation you want to be in.  
    2. I get back to you to make an appointment
    3. We go on a a 90 Minutes Call, in which I will guide you and visualise everything
    4. You leave with clarity and also get screenshots of the complete overview of your situation. 

    I have helped hundreds of clients to find their way. And I am the right coach to connect the spiritual realm with the business world. I am happy to help you get into action and create a happy career. Contact me now, because life is too short to do s**** jobs. 

    Expert:  NIV NOW
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