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    • WHERE: IN IBIZA at the comfort of your house or place I choose
    • WHEN: 2 h – write me to make the best time for you
    • FOR : groups till 20 people

    Do you want to experience a unique shamanic & spiritual experience to know yourself deeper?

    Do you lack clarity about your core personal traits and inherent qualities?

    Are you curious about who your spirit team is and how to communicate with it ?

    Do you want to know more about how to explore your spiritual path?

    Then this groupal experience is for you. Reunite with some friends and hire this transformative & life changing experience that you will remember forever.

    In this artistic spiritual ritual you will :

    • Experience a 2 hour groupal session guided by Clara, creative coach & spiritual guide.
    • Connect with your spirit animals
    • Understand the importance of knowing your animal totems
    • know how to communicate with them in your daily life. They can help you in many ways
    • know yourself deeper and open your connection to a higher consciousness
    • Know what makes you truly unique
    • Know and reinforce your personal strengths
    • Have more clarity about yourself and your core inherent qualities and strengths
    • Empower yourself
    • Spiritual guidance
    • Receive an original guided meditation to reconnecting with your animal totems in your daily day
    • Enjoy,have fun and connecting with other people
    • Express yourself creativey through body/face art
    Expert:  CLARA
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    INCREASE YOUR WORTH & SELF ESTEEM- IBIZA – for 1:1 or private groups
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    • WHERE: IN IBIZA at the comfort of your house or my place
    • WHEN: 3 h –  please write me to choose the best time for you 
    • FOR : Men or women 1 ON 1 or private group session up to 5
    • WHAT: Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel lack of clarity about your purpose in life ? Do you feel disempowered,with low self esteem or doubting your self worth?

    Or ¿Would you like to make an amazing present to someone you really love ?

    In this artistic blessing you will :

    • Have a 3 hour personal session with Clara. Art, meditation and life coach  to:
    • know yourself deeper
    • know your true talents & gifts
    • Increase your self esteem
    • Know what makes you truly unique & know your differential value
    • Know and reinforce your personal strengths
    • Have more clarity about yourself & your purpose in life
    • Empower yourself
    • Receive your symbol of personal value to remember the experience
    • Receive an original guided meditation for reconnecting with your true worth.
    • Receive the book “The radiant woman” with 11 meditations and practical exercices to heal, love & empower yourself signed by the author.
    • Use art to transform the perception about yourself and increase your self esteem

    In this creative blessing you will be able to know yourself more deeply, enjoy a unique artistic ritual and access more clarity about who you truly are, what are your strengths, your life purpose and your true worth so this experience will be so transformative and empowering than fun, because a conscious life does not need to be so serious.

    Expert:  CLARA
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  • 12/02/2023-
    RADIANT SOUL – live online course- 10 sessions
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    • 22th / Februar /2023. Every Thursday 18 h to 20 h. (CET ) Free Masterclass on 16 Februar 18h enter this link to attend
      12th / February /2023. Every Thursday 18 h to 20 h. (CET) If you can’t at this time, let me know to see if we can establish another day for the course.
    • WHERE: Through ZOOM online application in your computer/laptop at the comfort of your house. Live online. It is not a recorded course.
      2 h , 1 session per week. Total duration: 10 weeks 
    • FOR: Men & Women. If you want to improve your self-esteem, increase your personal worth, activate your creative and manifesting skills, liberate yourself from stress, anxiety, fear, depression and low vibrational states, heal emotional blockages, feel more empowered & confident, and know how to liberate yourself through art, dance and meditation.
    • WHAT :This course is taught with the “creative coaching method” which unites meditation with art therapy, systemic psicology, family constellations, regressive therapy, energetic dance, ritual art, the healing power of music and dance, and other therapeutic tools Clara has learnt during more than 20 years of experience in the field of personal development using arts as great tools for self development and healing.
    • • You will have the opportunity to ask and resolve your doubts in each of the 10 sessions of the course.
    • • The course is with limited places, a maximum of 5 places, so that it can be as personalized as possible.

    • You will get a dossier of each one of the modules with all the theoretical information, and together with the practical exercises so that you can practice as many times as you need. And you can save and access them forever.

    • You will have access to your personal area to the intranet of the course with your personal password where you will be able to access all the material where the entire course is organized by modules.

    • You will access the music playlist so that after classes, you can practice at home with the music of the course, all the exercises shared in the classes.

    • You will be able to obtain all the meditations of the course so that you can do them whenever you want.

    • In each session there will be several therapeutic art activities that will help your healing and personal transformation.

    • In all the sessions we will end the session with an energetic dance to activate your vital energy centers and increase your well-being, your joy and your vitality, helping to anchor what has been learned in each session.

    SESSION 1: Personal therapy session with Clara

    • In this session you will have a personalized session with me in which, for 45 minutes, we will be able to talk about your current situation, your areas of difficulty and what you would like to improve. In this way, I can advise you in your specific case about how you can make the most of the course and can improve in those specific areas what do you need.

    SESSION 2: Heal your inner child and free yourself from the burdens of the past
    • Learn the importance of releasing your blocks and burdens from the past in order to live a full life in your present.

    • Access the healing meditations of your past and healing of your inner child so that you can recognize those moments of pain, trauma or difficulty and be able to free yourself, learning tools to manage yourself, heal and reconnect with a greater well-being in your day to day.
    • Create your personal power totem out of clay to integrate the healing experience of meditation.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 3: Increase your self-esteem healing with your mother and integrating your feminine energy.
    • Restore your feminine energy, thanks to this you will significantly increase your self-esteem, learning to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, expanding your capacity to give and receive affection and love.
    • Healing meditation with your mother. Healing your bond with mom.
    • Create a drawing of the felt experience in meditation to enhance the anchoring of healing.
    • Create your abstract artistic canvas that symbolizes the experience
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience andreconnection with joy.

    SESSION 4: Increase your self-esteem healing with your father and integrating your masculine energy.
    • Restore your masculine energy. You will learn to say no to toxic situations or situations that do not suit you, to set limits, activate your personal power, activate your power to achieve your goals and develop a greater respect for yourself.
    • Explanation of what the father represents and the importance of healing the bond with your father to improve your self esteem.
    • Healing meditation with your father.
    • Painting exercise of the felt experience in meditation.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 5: Feel whole by yourself
    • Explanation of the orders of love and the systemic keys to feel full for yourself and have relationships with harmony.
    • Meditation to heal the relationship your parents had, which will make you feel complete and It will improve your way of relating, feeling greater inner peace.
    • Creation of a painting that represents the experience
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 6: Transform your limiting beliefs
    • Explanation about limiting beliefs and how to transform them.
    • Belief reprogramming meditation.
    • Create a list of your new affirmations and positive beliefs.
    • You will work your new beliefs through art.
    • Exercises to activate your new beliefs.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience andreconnection with joy.

    SESSION 7: Discover what makes you unique and boost your self worth.
    • Explanation of the importance of acknowledge and value your abilities and talents.
    • Emotional release drawing.
    • Discover the gifts you have inherited from your own family lineage and increase your worth.
    • Discover your multiple intelligences.
    • Create your value symbol. And creative ritual to activate your value with art.
    • Energy dance to release blockages, increase your vital energy, integration of experience and reconnection with joy.

    SESSION 8: Know how to liberate yourself from low vibrational estates and clean your energetic field
    • Meditation to activate your energy centers & clean your energy
    • Wellness rituals for your daily life
    • Clean your energy and raise your vibration
    • Dance to activate your freedom, vitality  and radiance

    SESSION 9: Activate your creative power to manifest the reality you desire.
    • Emotional release drawing.
    • Learn to visualization of your best potential future.
    • Keys to the conscious creation of your own reality.
    • Creation of an artistic collage or manifestation vision board.
    • Quantum writing to manifest your intentions
    • Keys to listen and trust your inner guide.

    SESSION 10: Discover your purpose.
    • Exercise to discover your purpose to connect with your fullness.
    • Creation and activation of your altar of artistic power with all the exercises of the course and keys for its activation to empower you every day and remember everything learned.
    • Resolution of doubts and final details of the course.
    • Energetic dance of rebirth. We welcome our radiant woman.



    Expert:  CLARA
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    In a Cozy house with big terrace, views to the sea & fully equiped with prived room located in Siesta zone in Ibiza by the Sea.


    3 nights & 4 days  

    Other date is also possible. Ask for availability

    WHEN: I’m happy to provide you with further information and help you to book your retreat. Just contact me to select the days that best suits you and to talk about how to design the program according to your needs. 


    Would you like to have a liberating, healing and empowering experience ? Do you know how you can release your stress, anxiety an negative emotions though meditation, music & art practice while activating your own self healing & transformative power? Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel lack of clarity about your purpose in life ? Do you feel disempowered, with low self esteem or doubting your self worth? Have you experienced a difficult time in your life and would need expert advise on how to overcome it? Have you lost a loved one or split with your partner and don´t know how to overcome this emotional pain? 

    I have guided hundreds of people in the same situation, as well as guided 9 retreats teaching about emotional wellbeing. I can design a 3 day retreat focussed on your personal healing with different activities in order for you to overcome this difficult time in your life.


    I count with more than 20 years of research & experience in the field of art & 10 years in the healing field,  I’m  the author of the book “The radiant woman, a path to reconnect with your true essence” and the creator of “High vibration art” style,  where you can access higher states of consciousness and a deeper level of understanding about yourself while you create art.


    • In this healing & transformative retreat, you will experience 3 days specially designed for you, through creative coaching that incudes regressive therapy, systemic therapy, family constellations, art therapy, free movement, medicine music & meditation to:
    • Release your pain, negative emotions, 
    • Know yourself deeper, reconnect with your real identity and acknowledge the more joyful and luminous version of yourself. 
    • Heal your past trauma experiences
    • Reconnect with inner joy
    • You will experience the power of art to imprint your subconscious mind with empowering  information to improve your wellbeing, self image and self esteem.
    • You will learn how you can express yourself creatively, activate your creative skills to manifest the best version of yourself with no need of previous experience in the art or dance or meditative practice.
    • You will improve your self esteem & empower yourself.
    • You will be able to release stress, anxiety and inner blockages 


    ART MATERIALS: All materials included


    OTHER MEALS & FLIGHT: Not included

    • Thank you for booking
    • Contact me to set an appointment that suits you best.
    • I will contact you in 24 hours and give you all the details & the class links.
    • Looking forward to hear from you.
    Expert:  CLARA
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