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    Theta Quantum Healing
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    144.00 90 minutes

    My sessions are deep and bring my clients out of their comfort zone, which I truly believe is necessary in order to bring long lasting transformational changes. I have the gift of feeling into people‘s aura and truly seeing & feeling them with all my heart. I see the beauty in every soul I encounter and help my clients to see it themselves and to remember their true essence. To experience that their shadow and their light are two sides of the same coin and that both are equally important and beautiful.
    In my sessions I use many different healing tools to ensure a holistic healing approach that honours body, mind and spirit alike.
    I love to combine and fusion my knowledge in classic psychology and trauma therapy with shamanism, astrology, human design, yoga, philosophy and mindfulness to create a round and deep web of ancient mystical practices with modern scientific approaches.

    I always meet my clients on an eye-to-eye- level without the false illusion of hierarchy or superiority as I believe the only level where we can truly meet and where authentic healing is possible is the  personal one. I also share about my personal journey, wounds and patterns and don’t pretend to be flawless or perfect. We are all always teachers and students at the same time.

    However all classes I deliver leave one with true sense of connectedness to once own body and mind.

    Expert:  ELENA
    5 out of 5
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