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    Transformational Healing Program 4 Sessions x 45-60 Min Over A Month
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    444.00 4 hours

    I respond with the tools I have built over the past 12 years. My medicine is a combination of technology & intuitive skills in channelling, distant healing. 

    Homeopathy is the core of my work. It is a completely stand alone medicine system. I have trained for 5  years in that field only. 

    Bioresonance is technology in service of humanity at its best. The system I use relies on the voice as the  carrier of all body systems information. My clients download an app through which I send them a completely  bespoke track .

With my treatment, you eat vibration in the form of homeopathic medicine, you listen to vibrational frequencies thanks to the bespoke biofeedback track & you receive also through the Blue Light therapy & also distant healing is offered as and if needed. 

    Beside getting rid of the symptoms, I help you develop your self healing power, your clairvoyance, clairsentience & most importantly trust in yourself & the energy that animates you. 

    Expert:  SIRIYA
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